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Important Announcement: I’m Quitting Coaching

This year is the final year I am going to offer group coaching.

It’s time to move on, so there’s lots to talk about…

Back in 2007 I released my first online course, Blog Mastermind 1.0.

As part of that course I began running private group coaching teleconferences for my members. As bandwidth and technology improved, these evolved into private live webinars.

Not a year has gone by since then — that’s over a decade — where I have not provided group coaching. It’s been the closest thing to a long term job I’ve ever had, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Today members of my Laptop Lifestyle Academy and people who have purchased the latest version of my flagship course, Blog Mastermind 2.0, can speak to me live, email in coaching questions which I reply to live, or ask via live chat during the webinars.

Given Laptop Lifestyle Academy membership is just $49 a month, this is by far the most affordable way to get coaching with me as my private per hour rate is $1,000 (and yes, there have been people who hire me at this rate).

Why Quit?

The last 12 months have been a transition period for me and my businesses and consequently my team as well.

We made the decision to retire the Entrepreneurs-Journey.com domain name and replace it with an umbrella personal brand domain, Yaro.blog. There’s a new blog design about to go live along with it, so I’ll write more about these changes in the near future once the transition is complete.

In late 2017 I began a behind the scenes lean-MVP style test of the InboxDone.com business. We offered to handle email for busy entrepreneurs and professionals, and in partnership with Claire, a member of my client care team who has helped manage my email for almost two years, began servicing our first two clients.

The Inbox Done test went well, so we officially opened the company to the public in early 2018 and we’ve been growing ever since. We have a waiting list now until September, as we carefully tailor this service to our early adopters.

I’ve also started down a path in my father’s homeland, Ukraine, first with an investment property renovation project, and soon a solar energy business, which I will write about one day too. I also hope to do more property investments in Canada, very likely Montreal later this year, with the goal of setting up a portfolio for my old age.

Back in April 2018 I also wrapped up the first draft of my book — The Change Manifesto — and then decided to take a break before diving in to do rewrites.

While all of this was going on, my current coaching business continued to do what it does — deliver a steady return thanks to all the automated systems I’ve built and the great team that supports it.

However, in most years, my team and I have always had at least one or two big launches on the calendar usually to release something new. This year, with all the transition going on, we decided to keep the calendar clear, and just leave this business running the status quo.

As we headed towards the halfway point of 2018, I spent a number of weeks in self-reflection. I came to the conclusion that I’m very excited about all my new projects, especially InboxDone.com as my main growth business.

What was also clear to me is that I’m not motivated to do what it takes to keep my coaching business growing — create new launch campaigns, create new teaching products and continue to coach large groups.

While I always enjoy teaching, coaching and conducting education based marketing campaigns, they require a lot of work. While I have no plans to give up writing and podcasting, I did make two important decisions about my plans for 2019.

  1. I will stop coaching at the end of 2018
  2. I will close the doors to Blog Mastermind 2.0 and the Laptop Lifestyle Academy in 2018

I may continue to offer private coaching in 2019, but it will be high ticket, one-on-one mentoring style coaching for five-to-ten carefully selected clients at most. Or I may not do any coaching, at all. What I do know for sure is that I won’t be doing any more low-cost group coaching after 2018.

Bear in mind I am NOT deleting these programs when I say I am closing them. All active members who have paid or are continuing to pay for access don’t lose access. All of my best training is in the Academy and Blog Mastermind, so I’m not going to delete it. The only thing that changes in 2019 is no more group coaching webinars with me.

The only thing that changes NEXT WEEK, is the doors close to the Academy!

Your Last Chance To Work With Me For Under $50

There are six months left in 2018, and these are the final six months I will do coaching webinars.

I run coaching webinars every month and all currently active Laptop Lifestyle Academy and Blog Mastermind 2.0 customers are invited to participate.

I’ve decided to open the doors to the Laptop Lifestyle Academy for one last time for one week only and offer a 50% discount on the annual membership.

Alternatively you can join the $49/monthly plan, with no commitments. You can cancel any time by sending us an email.

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy is a lot more than a chance to get coaching from me. In fact, most people remain members for other reasons, including:

  • The members-only forums, where you get 24/7 support from a group of people on the same business path as you, plus access to mentors who specialize in different areas, from copywriting, to building communities, to getting traffic and building email lists
  • My entire training library, including my best-selling guides on how to buy and sell websites, how to get your first 1,000 subscribers and my mindset and productivity training
  • The most recent course I created, Emails Revealed, which teaches you how to build a two week automatic email funnel based on the funnels I’ve used for the past six years to bring in autopilot sales
  • My unique Services Arbitrage short course on how to sell services online that other people deliver, which is the business model my first business, an essay editing company called BetterEdit.com used, and also my brand new business, InboxDone.com is built on as well
  • Guides on how to hire people to grow your team, how to conduct an affiliate backed online product launch, how to use an interview based podcast to sell your products and how to write a high-converting sales page and so much more…

All the most important things I’ve learned and used to successfully sell over $2 Million dollars of information products are inside the Academy, and it’s all included with your membership.

I’ve also included as a special bonus, my exclusive interviews club, which are 12 never released publicly interviews with experts like Tim Ferriss, Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, Collis Ta’eed and Eben Pagan.

This is a complete training community, with coaching, short courses, interviews to keep you motivated, and a group of people who want to help you succeed as they also work to grow their business.

It also includes access to me as your coach for the next six months, the final chance you will have to work with me personally.

Closing Tuesday 24th July 2018

I’m opening the doors to the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, with the 50% discount offer, to coincide with the release of this blog post.

I strongly recommend you check out all the details on the Laptop Lifestyle Academy Membership Signup Page, which now includes details on all the bonuses, including the two extra short courses, Emails Revealed and Services Arbitrage.

On Tuesday, the 24th of July 2018, I’m closing the doors to the public. We will have a coaching call in the days after the closing, and then one every month remaining in 2018.

This will be the ONLY chance to join the Academy, and quite possibly, the last time I ever offer this to the public.

I’m doing a final closing of Blog Mastermind 2.0 in September, and then from January 2019 I’ll be focused on all my new projects, so no more group coaching.

This is your last chance to get coaching from me, possibly forever.

I’ll see you inside the Academy.


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