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You Don’t Have To Be An Expert

We just wrapped up a Laptop Lifestyle Academy live coaching webinar and I feel the need to reiterate a point I made during the session…

The concept of ‘being an expert’ seems to be stopping people from starting their online business.

If you’re hunting for a topic for your business and you feel you must have years of background in that subject, you’re going to struggle to find anything.

In fact, it might make you feel trapped because the only thing you have long-term expertise in is the thing you want to stop doing – your job for example.

Expert is perhaps too strong a word. All you need to be is ‘helpful’ or ‘valuable’ to a certain group.

When a group of people are after a desirable outcome (and are willing to spend money to get there) and you can help them take a step forward towards that outcome, that’s all you need for a business.

Expertise in this case simply means you know how to do something and can teach it to, or do it for other people, who cannot do it themselves or would rather pay others to do it for them.

This kind of knowledge might be something you just picked up during the course of your life, like for example desktop publishing skills, or how to cook certain types of foods, or how to use certain websites to find cheap travel deals.

It’s important you don’t get stuck on the concept of ‘expert’.

Instead focus on problems, needs and wants that others have that you can meet.

Expertise Examples

Any problem that you have solved yourself can be considered expertise and turned into a business.

Case Studies - Everyday Experts (Tom Menditto, Tracy Raftl, Harry Campbell)

For example:

  • Tom Menditto – A previous sufferer of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), who mastered his own condition and today earns $30,000 per month helping others do the same through his coaching practice in Pittsburgh.
  • Tracy Raftl – Having overcome her acne completely through natural means, Tracy now earns over $80,000 sharing tips she picked up along her journey.
  • Harry Campbell – Used his experience driving part-time for Uber to teach advice to new and established drivers on how to increase their earnings as a driver. At the time of the podcast, he was earning $80,000 a year.

Motivation Matters

It’s also vital that you enjoy some aspect of solving that problem.

It’s the motivation to do something, to spend time every day in that world that eventually leads to expertise, often without you even realizing it.

For some people their expertise is obvious, and thus the choice to build a business around it is clear.

For others, finding where your interest aligns with your ‘utility’ to others is the path to cash flow.

Always remember — expertise is a perception.

You are an expert at something to some people simply because they can’t do it and you can.


P.S. As mentioned above, expertise is a perception.

It’s absolutely vital how others perceive you when you start your blog.

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