What Happens When All You Can Think About Is Making Money?

On all my program order pages, we run a ‘live chat’ box.

This cool little tool lets potential customers chat with me or one of my team to ask questions before joining.

We deal with a lot of different questions, but there’s one question I know is a bad sign…

How long will it take to make money?

This question is almost always asked by someone who is financially struggling, and all they can think about is how to make money as fast as possible.

They’re not focused on how they can build a business.

They’re not focused on how they can help other people.

It’s all about the money.

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing money of course, but I know from experience, coming from a place of scarcity – of self-induced pressure to earn a certain amount in a certain time – is not where you want to be mentally when you start a business.

Successful Businesses Are Born From Abundance

Money is a by-product of creating abundance in the lives of other people.

When your business creates value for people, you are rewarded with more customers, and thus more money.

If your mindset is focused on your own lack of money, it’s very difficult to turn that into abundance for other people.

Hence when a person comes to me for coaching, and money is the first topic they ask about, they’re not in the right place to make a business work. For these people, I actually recommend they get a job first.

They need to get themselves out of a place of financial scarcity, so when they start their business they can focus on serving others as the first priority.

When You Have Too Much Help To Give

I know when I’m speaking to the right kind of person, when they feel like they have too much to create, too much to do, all focused on helping other people.

If your head is full of ideas for blog articles, podcasts, videos, books and courses, all designed to help other people, you’re in the right place.

Your challenge, in this case, is how to organize, prioritize and strategize the best path forward to turn all your ideas into value for others (and make a lot of money from doing so!).

At the highest level, people who are so aligned with their inner drive to help others, don’t even talk about money. They know that money will come to them once they reach people with their ideas, their solutions to problems.

The cause is the priority to these people, money is simply a fuel to support the cause.

What Is Your Cause?

If I met you in person and I asked you what is your main business motivation, what would you say?

Would you talk about Money? Growth? Customers? …

Or would you tell me about your CAUSE?

I understand from personal experience that it is easy to get caught up with the money and what’s in it for you, especially at the start when you don’t feel financially secure.

I encourage you to stop and think for a moment about your business and reframe your focus. Instead of numbers and leads and profits, think about your cause, the movement you want your business to stand for.

I find thinking like this feeds your soul, but it can also be transformative for your business too. It makes you think bigger, talk bigger, and plan bigger.

When you see what you are doing as important to humanity, rather than just a way to pay your bills, it motivates you to take bigger steps.

Even if your business sells a product or service that seems dry and boring, given you sell something to other human beings, I bet deep down how you impact other people gets you excited on some level.

If you struggle to find this excitement, it might be time to change things up, sell something different or even start an entirely new business.

Tell Me More About Your Cause…

I’d like to hear more about your cause, what you want to help people do or already help people do – What is your Laptop Lifestyle business focused on?

What is your cause?


Without knowing how to grow an online business effectively, people coming from a situation of abundance can sometimes find themselves back in scarcity quite quickly, as you waste money and time on the wrong things.

I have a roadmap you can follow to get started with your online business. It’s 100% free and will take less than two hours of your time to learn all the steps. I call it my ‘Platform Launch Plan’ live training, and you can sign up here:

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  • Hey Yaro!

    I was just writing about this on my blog. It is important to really understand what you are saying here. So, my cause, I would say is helping the new bloggers learn the right knowledge in order to not only succeed online but also in life.

    I always give the same advice to the new blogger. You have to blog from a heart-centered energy. You have to genuinely want to help the people in your niche.

    The money is a by-product of the service you provide to the people in your niche.

    This is the truth and the real way to successful blogging.

    Thank you for sharing your tips on this topic!

    Best regards! 😀

    • I notice that most beginners who are entering into online business always focus on making more money and sales instead of focusing on helping others with their work.

      If you are only focusing on making money instead of helping you won’t succeed. It’s as simple as that. If you observe any market who is making millions of dollars every year you’ll notice one thing that they hardly focusing on making more money and mostly targeting to build their audience by creating great content or products.

      Another thing I noticed from failure bloggers is that they depend too much on others they always seek help instead of offering help. Although there is nothing wrong in seeking help from other bloggers especially when you are starting out but you should remember the fact that busy bloggers are always busy and they don’t have enough time to respond to your emails or going out of their way to help you.

      So the only way to get into their radar is to give give give give give and give more. That’s the only way you can succeed online and thanks so much for sharing this informative post Yaro.

      Keep rocking.

  • Hi Yaro!
    Sound information. I knew when I started my blog with one follower, there would be a long way to go! It’s been 6 months of blogging just on WP and sharing on FB and now I have 43 followers – which I consider great progress. My cause is helping people grow and thrive through these times with sound spiritual tools. I also self-published a book about my own growth from trauma and fractured pieces coming together. I haven’t spent much money at all (editor, ISBNs) and know money is not why I have a blog and a book for sale. Selling the book is less of a focus than getting the word out. I’m pretty happy with the results so far! Thanks for your information!

  • My cause is to help students who are struggling (because they’ve never been taught how to learn effectively) move from stress to success, and help their parents learn how to stop hovering, give their kids space to learn, and stop focusing so much on grades. I end up coaching the parents as often as I coach their students, sometimes!

    Right now, I’m working on building my client list and email list, putting together online courses that encapsulate some of the “basics” of my coaching, and working on a book! The goal is to help people – the money is a side benefit that I can use to help more people.

  • I must admit that am the kind who gives my service without money in mind. However when in abundance I find my heart drifting to the focus of money. Need a little discipline there.

  • Hi Yaro, and thanks for this post. When I started my online business, it was to create an income stream for my husband and I as we near retirement. Since then, though, I’ve been driven to help others become financially independent. So I guess I came to the right reasons backwards…lol. I know it will take a long time to attract enough traffic to actually make money, but in the mean time, Im happy helping people.

  • Hello Yaro, thanks for this post. I started an entrepreneurship and business blog last month, though my traffic is still on the low side. I’m being patient and I hope it grows so I can monetize my blog.

  • Thanks, Yaro for such a wonderful article.
    Most of the newbies focus on making money but they need to understand that money is the by-product of the services that actually provide. So they need to invest their time and energy on making a useful product or service rather than thinking about money.

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