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2017 Year In Review: Business Ups And Downs, Cryptocurrencies, Europe, A Solar Startup And More

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As we head towards the new year, now is a great time to look back over 2017 and review results.

In response to a great suggestion from Mani, a member of our coaching programs, I decided to put together this year in review podcast.

I used to write year-in-review blog posts every year, but somewhere along the way during the last few years, I ceased the tradition. It’s time to revive the idea, but this time in audio format.

If you like learning what goes on behind the scenes in my business and life, this podcast will definitely interest you.

Here’s a highlight reel of what I cover in the podcast:

  • A look back at how 2017 started, including what I had planned for the year ahead
  • What systems I had in place from previous years, which I planned to rely upon for consistent income in 2017
  • Why one investment in a cryptocurrency (not bitcoin), led to a very different year in terms of income sources for me
  • How we expanded our team, what roles we looked to fill, and why 2017 was all about delegating more than ever before
  • Lots of travels across Europe, including some unexpected events in Ukraine, including purchasing an apartment and starting a new business
  • Launched two new courses using an experimental ‘membership site’ launch method
  • Laid the groundwork for my team to run the business even more in 2018 as I turn my attention to writing a book

There are a lot of little stories and rambling thoughts behind my decisions in this podcast. It was quite an unexpected year in many ways.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Enjoy the episode!


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