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Tom Corson-Knowles recently invited me to appear on his TCKPublishing podcast.

During our conversation it became clear that Tom had an interesting story of his own to share, in particular, his success publishing books on the Amazon Kindle platform.

I decided we needed to learn more about him and how he manages to sell so many books on Amazon, so I invited him to appear on the EJ Podcast.

$12,000 A Month From One Book On Amazon

Tom has made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling dozens of different books on Amazon, but it all started with his first book that went on to bring in $12,000 a month (approximately 5,000 sales a month according to Tom).

Tom’s success with his own books led to the creation of a new publishing company, TCK Publishing, designed to help other budding authors release widely popular books.

I was very interested to learn what marketing techniques Tom used for both his own books and his clients’ books, and I’m happy to report that he reveals some of his best techniques in this interview.

Tom Corson-Knowles On The EJ Podcast

How Many Books Do You Need To Earn A Full-Time Income?

I asked Tom —

“Should you aim to publish one world-changing bestseller book, or focus on publishing lots of smaller books if you want to make a full-time income?”

This was an important question because it was clear based on the story Tom shared, that much of his early success with books came from releasing A LOT of them – over 12 books in one year for example!

Tom released a lot of small books focused on self-development, money, and motivation simply because he loved these topics and spent countless hours working on his own personal development in these areas.

Today Tom believes a different strategy makes more sense. You can hear him talk about what strategy he recommends now during the second half of the interview.

If your goal is to publish a book that actually makes an impact and reaches thousands of people, listen in to this interview.

Enjoy the podcast,


Topics Tom Covers In The Interview

  • How to conduct market research for your book to ensure it stands out on Amazon
  • What’s different about the market research process for a non-fiction book compared to fiction
  • How can you get your book to the top of Amazon’s algorithm so you get more free exposure
  • What are the pros and cons of traditional publishing versus self-publishing versus indie publishing?

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