Tyrone Shum has participated in both my Blog Mastermind and Membership Site Mastermind programs. He’s special because not only did he study the materials (which is rare enough!), he went on and has built himself a successful blog and last year launched a membership site too, so he’s a real action taker.

Part of the reason he’s one of the unusual people who actually gets stuff done is because Tyrone knows how to outsource, in fact that is his specialty. In this guest post from Tyrone he offers some advice on how to outsource your blogging effectively…

Get More Done

Recently, I saw a poll on a very popular blog asking if they outsourced any of their blogging. I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you some tips from my experience of outsourcing blogging tasks to virtual staff in the Philippines.

Undeniably I love my work but that doesn’t mean I can manage all the things effectively from advertising to marketing, from article creation to posting, from directory submissions to email marketing, and so forth all by myself. Additionally, not all bloggers plan ahead of time, and get things completed as early as possible without missing deadlines. So we have to replicate ourselves to meet different demands. I’m not talking about cloning but it’s how we distribute tasks to virtual staff to finish more tasks at the same time.

I’ve summarized the most important points to outsource as part of your blogging below, here we go…

Tip 1: Outsource your blog design

Nowadays in the world of “blogging”, we have to compete amongst millions of blogs to gain readers attention. To have a unique and welcoming blog design is a wise decision. To have it designed and setup sounds easy enough, since there are thousands of blog designs to choose from across the Internet. However, is it worth doing this yourself?

In my opinion this is one area that everyone must outsource. No matter if you are a graphic designer or web developer, I would not recommend spending time designing and customizing your blog.

The reason is quite simple, your time needs to be focused on producing good content and marketing your blog to build a larger readership. The biggest challenge I faced when I begun my blog at Internet Business Path, was I took on the task to install and customize all plugins myself. This was just to save a couple hundred of dollars, and looking back the time spent was at least over 20 hours. In hindsight I would have preferred to spend that time wisely with family or learning how to play the guitar.

In addition, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a unique blog design. Say you have a budget to spend $2,400 for a unique blog design, why not consider hiring a part-time graphic designer for $200 a month from the Philippines? You will certainly get great value and additional work completed for the equivalent of one blog design over 12 months.

To share with you my experience, I have a graphic designer who charges me two hundred dollars per month to design, implement and setup all my plugins for my websites. You can see the work his done for me at www.massoutsource.com and www.internetbusinesspath.com.

Tip 2: Outsource uploading of blog posts

After you create a blog post you need to upload it onto your blog, otherwise no one will read it. Uploading a blog post takes time and if you spend 30 minutes a day to properly optimize and add pictures to your blog post, then it is an extra 2 and a half hours a week that you could be spending doing other fun things.

Since I am a believer of batch processing, I write my blog posts ahead of time which frees up my schedule to do other fun things. After I complete these posts I send them to my virtual assistant who sets posts to automatically be published at certain times of the week. She will search engine optimize my posts for me and begin the marketing process of driving traffic.

It may not seem to take up too much time to do all these, though to save an extra two hour and a half hours per week that costs me around $3.50, I would rather outsource uploading my blog posts any day. It’s not the fact that it costs so little, it’s the time that you gain back to do what you want.

Tip 3: Outsource your submission to directories to get back links

Imagine if you had only 2 hours a day to complete one critical task. What would you do in those two hours? I know I wouldn’t spend my time submitting content to directories and optimizing my website to get more back links. I would focus my time on dollar productive activities that generate revenue into my business.

Most newbie and experienced bloggers spend at least a quarter of their time online completing submission tasks. There are ways to automate this using both software and virtual staff.

Every time a new blog post gets published, my virtual staff has been trained to automatically submit the content to directories and social networks. With a click of a button and a few comments in the post, she creates links using software.

Tip 4: Outsource technical issues with your blog

Even though I come from a technical background of Computer Science and I used to have a tendency to do it all myself, nowadays outsourcing these technical issues is the norm.

There are aspects of my blog which need to be updated and changed from time to time. The more complicated it is to change or fix, the more time it takes and more the reason why I am not the one doing it. Fixing problems like these don’t generate any income and is considered a task that is non-productive, though it must be fixed for the cogs to run smoothly within the business.

I also have a ticket support system in place where’s it sole purpose is to receive support questions, issues and inquiries from all aspects of my business, including my blog. If a customer or reader sees a technical issue and informs us about it, then a quick ticket submission to the technical department will forward an email to the web developers, who will take action to fix any of these bugs.

Whilst I was on holidays recently in Hong Kong and Bangkok, one of my websites went down and the mail server was not working correctly. Could you imagine what would have happened if the issue was sent to my email? No one would be able to check it and I was in the middle of a jungle on a flying fox with no Internet connection to access email.

Luckily for me, with the system mentioned above and having outsourced all my technical issues to a team of web developers, I don’t have to worry about any of these issues. I didn’t even know this happened until one of my members within my coaching program mentioned it to me in passing.

Tip 5: Outsource Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has always been a big topic and the more you delve into it, the more time it takes to manage it.

From social bookmarking to article submissions, blog and forum comment submission, SEO can become a full time job in itself. It’s not a task I personally manage and I am not an expert in this field. I have a general understanding of how it works and how to implement most of the crucial aspects of SEO. Having this knowledge DOES NOT mean I personally go out and implement these strategies. I hire someone and train them on how to do it, passing onto them my knowledge. SEO is not something that a blogger wants to spend time working on and it’s crucial to find good virtual staff to implement this for you.

How To Face This Blogging Dilemma?

There are millions of blogs out there who struggle to make any income or achieve the level of success they desire. The core reason why I see a lot of blogs struggling is they lack leverage.

Leverage can only be achieved when certain non dollar-productive activities are outsourced, such as blog design, uploading of blog posts, submission of links, technical issues and managing SEO, just to name a few. When you focus only on producing excellent and valuable content for your readers creating a strong following, then you are able to monetizing your blogging efforts. This is when you are truly leveraging your blog.

Remember the key is to have a balance of blogging and lifestyle as well. Taking that leap of faith and transitioning to having others do the “behind the scenes” work will allow you to focus your time on blogging and give you time to enjoy your lifestyle to live that 10 hour work week, whilst making a six figure income.

Have fun and enjoy the journey. Remember to mass outsource for a great life!

Tyrone Shum