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10 Tactics To Make Your Blog Stand Out

One of the things I enjoy the most about blogs, especially blogs that are run by one individual, is analyzing why the blog is successful.

What is the magic ingredient that makes this blog succeed, when so many others fail?

Based on my observations, here are some of the elements you can apply to make your blog something special. Note you don’t have to apply all these ingredients, one could be enough, though of course if you apply more than one you increase your chance of success.

  1. Enter a market early: Many of the top blogs are that way simply because they were one of the first, or the first, to enter the market and devote serious time and energy to produce valuable content on a consistent basis.
  2. Be prolific: Never give up is a great attitude, and some blogs, while not necessarily always having the best content, always have something new and interesting. If you publish multiple articles every day for years, the force of your consistency can take you far.
  3. Personality power: Some of the most popular blogs focus on the quirky, loud, controversial, attractive, cute, sexy, unusual, outspoken, intelligent, or any typically interesting human characteristics that make people want to pay attention to you.
  4. You’re established: If you’re already a player in your market, as in you’ve done something not many people have done, even just one major accomplishment, that can be enough of a leverage point to highlight your blog above the rest.
  5. You’re famous: If you’re famous then people automatically pay attention to you and that includes reading your blog.
  6. You experiment: Some of the best blogs are hinged on the back of a “scientist” in their industry. A scientist is anyone who conducts experiments that have results other people want to know about.
  7. The journeyman: Some blogs begin with little focus other than being what blogs were first created for, as daily journals of what’s going on in your life. Do this for long enough and if you live an interesting life, people will read simply because they’ve come along the journey with you so far and they want to know what’s next.
  8. Writing style: While it’s not a mandatory requirement, some blogs succeed because of the quality of the writing.
  9. Connections: If you know people who know people, the sheer power of your network can result in a popular blog because you learn insider secrets, or are the first to report interesting news, or have interviews with famous people.
  10. Technology: Some bloggers use cutting edge tools, like high production value video, or beautiful graphics, or music to enhance what they do, leveraging online technology and multimedia to deliver a user experience that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Many of the above techniques cannot be taught, while others you can learn but take an above average level of effort to succeed with. Of course, this is why these techniques work. If everyone could do these things easily, they wouldn’t be effective, so as in all things in life, that which comes with greatest effort offers greatest reward.

Bear in mind that these ingredients must be inserted into a solid framework for a successful blog to begin with. Without a base understanding of what it takes to build a great blog in terms of technology and the web in general, you might have one of the above “magical” ingredients but lack an understanding of how the blogging tool works to distribute your magic to the world.

Thankfully it is easy to learn the process of how to build a great blog. Processes can be replicated.

Good luck finding your magic.

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