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If you have ever wanted to hear how someone turned their personal passion hobby — in this case scrapbooking — into a six-figure business, then you need to listen to this interview with Lain Ehmann.

Lain sent me an email that made mention she had taken my ‘Become A Blogger‘ video training course I taught with Gideon Shalwick way back in 2008 to 2010 (now with Leslie Samuel in charge). I was so happy to hear that she had gone on to create a blogging business that made over $100,000 a year, that I had to ask her on to the EJ Podcast.

From Freelance Writer To Scrapbooking Teacher

At the start of this podcast, we travel back in time to learn how Lain first earned an income as a freelance writer.

During this time she also started a family, which was the trigger point for a new hobby — Scrapbooking — the art of taking and arranging photos of her family into elaborate books.

Her passion for scrapbooking turned into a business teaching others how to scrapbook, although at this point conferences where the main teaching avenue, she had yet to start online.

Lain Ehmann Teaching

Blogging Launches A New Business

Towards the late 2000s, Lain finally made the leap and started a blog to teach scrapbooking. It was at this point she enrolled in my Become A Blogger program, diligently following all the videos to setup her blog, create an audience and grow her email list.

Lain was incredibly forthcoming revealing every step she went through to turn her blog from a hobby, to a money making business, in this interview.

When you listen to the podcast you will hear Lain tell the story of her first successful product launch, a $10 a month ‘challenge’, where she worked with other women to inspire and coach them through consistent scrapbooking .

Lain was also a trailblazer when it comes to online video streaming as a teaching tool. She was running what today we call an ‘online summit‘ long before we had so many great tools for streaming video content.

You will hear how Lain brought together leading scrapbookers from around the world for what she called a ‘virtual conference’, and how she used this method to bring her income to over $100,000.

Content Is King

The one big takeaway I got from Lain’s story was how dedicated she was to leveraging consistent content to grow her audience.

She started with blogging, which later expanded to include a podcast, video and live online conferences.

Lain knew she could stand out just by putting in the effort to make use of all the great content distribution channels we have available today online.

Hopefully, you will feel inspired to follow in her footsteps as a result of listening to Lain’s interview.

Enjoy the episode,


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