How To Take Payments Online – Part 2

Recently I posted the first part of this two-part podcast series about taking payments online. In this the second part I look more in depth at taking credit card payments online and complete my discussion of In particular I note my experiences with credit card fraud which you can find recounted in my business timeline part 2 and how that affected my decision process when looking for a credit card payment system for my business In this podcast I discuss these payment options:

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  • An excellent 2 part series Yaro. Thanks for mentioning me in the 1st part – I’m famous!!! I think I’ll go with Paypal if I set up an online store, then. Paymate sounds good, but isn’t international! I hope the customer service side of Paypal gets better, so I can rely on them. Ace podcasts again Yaro! Ben 🙂

  • I really enjoy your podcast. Part 2 was really good…it is interesting to hear from someone who has been ripped off over the internet – it is way more prevalent than the industry likes to let on. The problem is it hits the “small” sites the hardest – the Amazons of the world can absorb a lot more fraud than a small site can.

    The site I am setting up for my family business already has a merchant account so we are going to go the manual route to start – our shopping cart ( has a back office component to it that allows us to manual process the order. I have been thinking at adding Paypal as an option but because of your posdcast will now investigate as well.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Nathan Waters

    This looks like an interesting site:

  • […] I have been considering directing my credit card paying clients back to The current majority of my clients are from Australia and as I have written and podcasted about (and here 2) I prefer and recommend to any Australian online businesses. I prefer Paymate because it is Australian based, has simple and quick email support and best of all, has a very good anti-credit-card-fraud system in place, which I am sure is mostly to thank for my perfect 100% record of no fraud at, trades at eBay and other business transactions I complete (touch wood!). […]

  • […] You can find more on taking payments is available in my podcasts – Taking Payments Online – Part 1 and Part 2. These were created last year and are a bit rough around the edges but they contain a rundown of how I eventually chose what payment providers I went with for my online business. […]

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