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How To Take Payments Online – Part 1

I was meaning to have this podcast out to you last week but I had trouble recording it. I thought I would be clever and head outside for some fresh air and go for a walk to my local park and record a podcast there. Well I tried but I just couldn’t get through to complete my first outdoor podcast so I postponed it and finally managed to sit down today and make the recording.

As I discovered last week while trying to park-cast this topic is a long one so I decided to split it up into two different podcasts on the same topic. The second part will come out tomorrow and concludes the piece discussing online payment processor options.

In the first part I discuss these payment options:

  • Bank Deposits
  • Cheques/Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Cash in the Mail
  • Western Union
  • and the start of a discussion of Paypal.com


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