New Course: How You Can Start A Business Selling Services Online (Services Arbitrage)

Services Arbitrage Course

I’m excited to announce I have opened the doors to the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, which includes my new Services Arbitrage course.

As an Academy member you receive the full Services Arbitrage course in video, audio MP3 and text transcripts.

In this new course you will learn:

  • Why Services Arbitrage is the perfect business if you are NOT an expert
  • No blogging or social media required, no wasting money on advertising
  • How you can reap bigger profits by charging more money using smart positioning
  • What are the best services to sell in 2017
  • How to test your service quickly and easily (without spending money)
  • Where to find your first contractor and your first customer in less than a week
  • How to scale and grow your business and remove yourself from the day to day operations (passive income!)

You have lifetime access to the full course as long as you are an active Academy member.

Along with the over three hours of training, you also receive the following bonuses:

  • Four case study interviews with people who have successfully created Services Arbitrage businesses –
    • Becki Maxon: Transcription Services
    • Kerry Finch: Legal content writing services
    • Tom Ewer: Blog technology writing services
    • Maren Kate: Social media marketing services
  • Ongoing live Q&A group coaching sessions with me (Yaro), where you ask me questions directly (we do these every month!)
  • A comprehensive outsourcing guide co-written by Yaro’s hiring manager, Laura, so you can learn exactly what we do to find, test and hire the best contractors to work on our team
  • An action checklist to hold yourself accountable

This is just one course, when you join the Laptop Lifestyle Academy you’re getting access to something very special and unique – a community, training library and coaching group dedicated to one goal – helping you create a laptop lifestyle income stream online.

To see exactly what you will learn when you join us in the Academy, read over the details on this page –

Join The Laptop Lifestyle Academy + Services Arbitrage Course

Become A ‘Services Arbitrage’ Charter Member

When I originally planned to teach the Services Arbitrage business program, my plan was to release it as a standalone course and charge $300, similar to my other courses.

The course ended up delayed due to other projects, but when I decided to finally create it, I wanted to first offer the full course at a hefty discount to a charter group.

I prioritize my coaching time to my Laptop Lifestyle Academy members, so it made sense that the first place to release Services Arbitrage is inside the Academy (at no extra cost to current Academy members!).

If you’re not already an Academy member, then right now for under $50 a month you can get access to my premier training community AND the full Services Arbitrage training experience.

My plan is to teach this course and help as many people as I can to start and grow successful Services Arbitrage businesses, which provide you with at least a full-time income so you never need a job again or can break free if you’re currently trapped as a freelancer.

Once these successful people emerge from the program, I will release the Services Arbitrage course as a standalone program. The price will definitely NOT be under $50 then, so this really is an amazing opportunity to get a great deal as a charter member.

Who Should Join The Academy?

If your goal is to create an online business that generates enough income so you can quit your job, and it’s the kind of business you can take with you and run anywhere in the world on your laptop, then you are one of us.

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy

If you dream of traveling, spending more time with your family and friends, and having the opportunity to properly look after your health and spirit, then you are one of us.

This is not about running a startup that requires you put in 12 hour days, including weekends, and you don’t actually make any money for years — possibly never!

This is about creating a cashflow positive business, using the internet to sell to customers around the world, tapping into elegant business models powered by leverage, systems and outsourcing, so they work even when you do not.

What Is Inside The Academy?

From a practical standpoint, the Academy includes three core support functions to help you start and grow a Laptop Lifestyle business…

  1. Coaching
  2. Community
  3. Training

As an Academy member you can communicate directly with me as your coach in several ways, including live question and answer webinars, hot seats, a private slack chat, and the member forums.

You also get access to a library of short training programs and guides I’ve created to help you deal with four key phases of growing an online business –

  1. Technology
  2. Foundation
  3. Growth
  4. Profit

The Academy is not a flagship course, but these short courses and guides will help you solve specific problems as you move through each phase of your business. You won’t need to study them all, so you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed – they are there when you require them.

I also create new short training programs based on what Academy members request, with Services Arbitrage coming up next in February. We also have some new guides currently in production, including one on how to choose the right software to sell your online course or membership site, and one how to choose the right email autoresponder system.

This Is A LIVING Community For Long Term Support

As I recently wrote about, based on examination of previous success stories from past coaching clients, I believe one of the keys to your success is long term support.

To create stable cashflow based on systems that run without you, takes time. You have to commit to long term goals, hence I want the Academy to be with you during the entire process.

I do not see the Academy as something I create, launch and leave as is. This is a living and breathing community that will continue to evolve in whatever way necessary to support your success.

I plan for the Academy to be here in years to come and I suspect you to be just as committed to growing your business.

Where Will You Be In 12 Months?

I ask myself this question at the start of every year. It’s critical that you get clear on your vision, so when December hits, you don’t feel like you ‘wasted another year’.

If you’re currently not happy with your life — whether that is your income, or what you do to make a living, or how well your business is growing — then you have to get clear on what you want to change now.

In order to create the change you want, you have to change what you do. If what you have done in the past has not lead to what you want, then you only have one thing to blame – your actions.

Your actions are a product of your decisions, and your decisions are a product of your knowledge, awareness, and motivation. If you’re not constantly ramping up your education and learning from people who have what you want, how are you going to get there?

I don’t want you to waste another year feeling like things are moving too slowly, or your still not making enough money, or you’re still working too many hours, or still stuck in a job you hate, constantly putting off what you really want because you’re stuck in a pattern.

Patterns must be broken if you want to change and reach new levels of success. My job is to show you the path to make these changes and the Laptop Lifestyle Academy is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure you stay on the path and keep growing month after month.

Let’s work together to make sure this year is the one where you finally say you did what you have always wanted to do.

If your goal is to live the laptop lifestyle, and you plan to make that possible by selling services online (Services Arbitrage), buying and selling websites, or growing a blog and email list to sell digital products like ebooks, membership sites and courses, then the Laptop Lifestyle Academy is the right choice.

Don’t hesitate or second guess yourself. If you want it, make the commitment and make it happen.

I’ll see you on the inside.

Yaro Starak
Living The Laptop Lifestyle

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