I realize a small segment of people who join the Laptop Lifestyle Academy do so for one specific benefit – coaching with me!

You may want my personal attention as a coach, to review your strategy, or web pages, or just to break through whatever you feel is stopping you now (lack of traffic, lack of sales, lack of ideas!).

I am active inside the Academy in several places, including the member forums and the private slack chat. However, it’s the live Q&A webinars where you can have some one-on-one time with me. You can also email in questions any time, which I will personally respond to during the live webinars.

To show you how this works, I’m giving you an insider look at a coaching webinar to give you an example of how you can communicate with me, and what kind of topics we cover. You might also gain some interesting insights from the coaching here…

If you’re a speed listener like me, you can speed up the playback of the video using the YouTube controls. Inside the Academy we also provide MP3 audio and text PDF versions of all coaching webinars.

Bear in mind this is just one small part of what Laptop Lifestyle Academy membership is about. There’s also a thriving community, over 30 training programs and guides, hot seats, meetups and lots more.

I’ve created this as a long term support group for coaching, community and training to help you start and grow a Laptop Lifestyle business.

We’d love to have you in the group, and now is especially a great time to join because there are lots of other new members.

If you have any questions about this video or the Academy please ask as a comment below, send an email support@yaro.blog or use any of the other contact methods available from my Support Page.

I’ll see you inside the Academy.