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I Noticed A Pattern Behind Why Only A Select Few Online Entrepreneurs Build Profitable Businesses

Back in 2012 I wrote an email to a special group of people.

The message was sent to all my past coaching members, everyone who had joined at least one of the three flagship courses I taught during 2007 to 2011.

My question was simple:

I wanted to know who had gone on to make at least a full-time income as a result of taking my courses?

What happened next was one of the happiest experiences of my life…

All these emails popped into my inbox from people who had studied my programs and gone on to make very good money.

  • Quite a few people told me they had quit their job and were living entirely off the income coming in from their blog business
  • There were also a group who had grown multiple six-figure businesses thanks to selling their own courses, membership sites or coaching programs in all kinds of niches
  • And amazingly, there were a handful of people who had made over a million dollars, telling me how their business had completely changed their life

Needless to say, as a teacher and coach, this was a very gratifying for me to hear. My system worked, and I was changing lives for the better.

I went on to interview many of these people, breaking down exactly how they built their online businesses. You can find full-length case study recordings available for free on my Success Stories page.

I Noticed A Pattern…

After completing all the interviews with my successful graduates, I started to see a pattern.

Everyone who succeeded told me a story that chronicled several years.

It wasn’t like they started a business, and one month later they were financially free.

They all had to build up their audience and income over time. No get rich quick stories here, just consistent work towards a life changing goal.

I started to think about all the other people in my coaching programs who had NOT made money. Most of them started out eager and motivated, but within a few months they were gone.

They didn’t follow through. They gave up.

As soon as things got tough they let their negative emotions win.

This led me to a big realization…

You Need A Support System

In order to help more people succeed, there has to be a long-term support system in place.

People need a place to turn to where they can find other people like them, mentors and a coach, for when times get tough — and things will get tough many times over many years as you grow a business.

If you’re thinking of giving up, or changing your business direction, or just feeling down and unmotivated, you need other people to guide you, provide feedback and pull you ‘out of the mud’.

Think about it — if you are your only support system, but you’re feeling a bunch of negative emotions and thinking negative thoughts — how are you expected to help yourself?

That’s like asking for a glass of water from an empty jug — there’s nothing to give.

Long Term Relationships

What I am talking about here is more than just hiring a random coach when you feel lost.

A coach doesn’t know you, your history, what you have been through so far. They’re taking you at face value and trying to figure out how to guide you based on whatever you tell them in one conversation.

True coaching only becomes effective when the relationship is long term.

I think you will agree with me when it comes to true friendship too — you need time to develop a deeper connection and understanding of each other.

I believe this is also what is necessary to become successful with your online business.

You need a support system that is based on long-term relationships.

You need people around you who know your situation, your history, your personality, your hopes and dreams and challenges, so when you seek their input they come from a place of empathy and familiarity.

This can only happen over time.

Your business is going to take years to truly become a stable income source. That might read like a contrary statement to what you have been led to believe, but it’s the truth.

A stable income comes from a business with many pillars in place. You need a solid customer base, good products, persuasive marketing, technology, staff and many other things.

In order for you to move through all the phases to create this foundation for your business, you’re going to need help. That help should come from people you develop long-term relationships with.

Relationships Are Forming

The Laptop Lifestyle AcademyThis is exactly why I created the Laptop Lifestyle Academy.

It’s a place where you have me as a long term coach, a group of people just like you who become long term friends, other experienced online entrepreneurs who become long term mentors, and a library of training materials to get the skills you need as you move through each phase of business building.

The Academy has grown to become the center of all the coaching and training I deliver, as a result I’ve already fostered some long term relationships with the current members. For example…

…And many others.

Each of these people are at different phases of their business growth — some are just starting, others are already making money.

I feel like I’ve come to know them and their stories because I see them every day in the Academy, the members-only Slack Chat and on my live coaching webinars.

Your Chance To Join Us

The doors to the Academy just opened.

This is a great opportunity to join a new community and coaching group, full of people who all share the goal of living the Laptop Lifestyle.

If you don’t have long-term relationships in place with your peers, mentors and a coach, this is your chance to get started.

You can learn more about the Academy and sign up here –

I’ll see you on the inside.

Talk to you soon,

Yaro Starak
Still Coaching

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