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I have a rather long podcast today which is generally about choosing an Internet business but I talk a lot around the concept as well. Selecting what project to work towards on the Internet is not a task you should take to lightly but as I mention in the audio it’s not something you should analyse for too long either. It’s so easy to test on the Internet that often the best form of market research is to create a working business and see what happens.

I made one mistake mentioning Ryan Glasgow’s blog, it is actually at – I missed the “j” in the middle when I mentioned it in the podcast.

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  • Darn those typos in podcasts – not so easy to fix!

    A question Yaro – why podcast and not written – too much typing?

  • Bernhard

    Yeah, that’s the good thing about web business: easily to test. I guess in most cases that’s actually the only way to start, because it seems most (successful) web businesses started out of fun (e.g. collegehumor) and became successful later. That’s on the other hand the problem with it: one cannot – or at least hardly – plan success, like I could do this with a restaurant or something like that.

    Regarding the link: can’t find Ryan’s blog there.

  • No particular reason Matt, I find both mediums have pros and cons. I admit it’s easier to podcast but I don’t think a daily podcast would be very good but a daily written article is well received.

    I think they compliment each other and while I enjoy doing both I’ll keep it up.

  • Couldn’t get the link to go thru Yaro for Glasgow’s interview…any ideas?

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