Audio: Why You Sometimes Have to Say ‘No’ to Potential Clients

This morning I had a potential client call me. We talked about what he wanted and what he wanted to pay. In the end I had to direct this client to some competing services where he hopefully will find someone that can meet his needs within his conditions.

In this podcast I talk about why you sometimes have to say ‘no’ to potential clients and how to go about doing it keeping in mind the end goal of a positive outcome for all parties.

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  • Yaro,

    Thank you for this podcast topic. I am a newbie as a solopreneur and am thankful that my first client was what I could consider probably the most difficult client anyone could ever have. So yes, it tested my patience, commitment to providing professional services with a smile and was simply part of my learning curve. After two years, I learned a lot – and for the 3rd year proposal… I evidently outpriced their budget and was not renewed. It was a good ending. : ) d

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