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Here is a new podcast for you today about dealing with customer complaints. I had a horror Thursday this week with two customer complaints coming in almost at once, which is never good for business moral. A complaint though is an opportunity to improve your business and as a result I made some adjustments to our processes. This podcast explains how to deal with customer complaints and turn them into an exercise in business growth.

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  • Hugh

    Hi Yaro,
    There was an article in Sundays Australian which highlighted the importance of customers making complaints. Interestingly, it mentioned that in a recent survey by TMP, only 7% of Australians will actually make a complaint. Most won’t because they feel its not worth effort, or they feel to ‘time poor’.

    Like you said, any steps that make it easier for customer’s to ‘complain’ should be embraced by business. Being in the dark about customer perceptions is an effective way to undermine your own customer base, and a missed complaint is a missed opportunity for growth.

    Thanks again for the great bloggin!

  • Hi Hugh, good point, customer feedback is so important. It’s very hard to know what’s going on if people don’t tell you. Making sales and profits is helpful as an indication that you are doing something right but feedback can help that much more to improve what you do and stay ahead of the pack.

    So people – tell me what sucks and doesn’t suck about my blog 🙂

  • wirelesschic

    Customer complaints suck. Customers complain 90% of the time because they have had a bad day and need someone to take it out on. I work for a wireless company and i get so many complaints that it is sickening. Most of the complaints are valid, but I get complaints that I am being rude mainly because I did not give the customer the answer they were looking. Valid complaints like wait time is understandable but I would not be with the same company for almost 4 years if I was a rude sales rep at the top of the score card. I meet my quota every month and help my co-workers with difficult customers and difficult transactions. My job is to help the customer but there is a limit that any employee of any company can tolerate. I am sick of customer complaints. No matter how hard i try customers are not satisfied within the limit of what we as employees can do by company policy. Customer complaints can help to improve, but when a customer comes into an establishment with an attitude from the start it is hard to keep a level head when they are screaming at you and accusing you of being rude. When they go to the grocery store or a large store like WalMart and complain about the wait time half as much as they do where I work. The lobby where I work has 15 associates working and 20 customers in the lobby somebody may have to wait. Common sense right? Well as a consumer if I am having a bad day I will keep my disgruntaled but at home and fuss at the dog. wirelesschic, Rocky Mount NC

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