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I’m doing a bit of motivational podcasting for you today. As pointed out by Dane Carlson from Business Opportunities and also by Joe Kraus, co-founder of Excite, at his blog Bnoopy, it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur and you should start your business today. It costs little, the Internet is still new enough that you can niche into your specialty and succeed and marketing can be highly targeted and cost effective. You just have to get out there and do something.

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  • Edward

    I’ll listen to this tomorrow, I promise 🙂

  • I’ll start a business tomorrow, I promise 😉

  • Good podcast Yaro – I thought Macs were for Yuppies!.

    I have started up several internet businesses. Start up costs range from around A$100 up to no more than A$1000.

    The biggest committment is time – lots of it. Put in the time, reading, learning, trying, trying again, getting frustrated and trying again….

    Learn html and css – two ‘must have’ tools.

    Discover where to find stuff on the internet – you be amazed what is out there for free.

    Ask for advice – find forums that you feel comfortable with and listen to the advice – even if it seems harsh – it is always well intentioned.

    Niche market – thats the big think – don’t worry about telecomunications, hotel bookings or lingerie (unless you can niche heavily – like disabled travel) – find a market where you can be king!

    Aim for business that require little or no inventory (yes it can be done – I carry NO stock)

    Read blogs – like Yaro’s, mine – there are some great ones about with all sorts of valuable info!

    You know its time to leave your day job when you are spending 6hrs every night and 14 hrs a day BOTH on Sat and Sun on your web business and it is making money.

    Don’t expect overnight success. It may be 6 months or even a year before things really start to happen. I am often asked when peope come to me for my free website reviews how much is the site worth, because it has been going 2-3 months and not making money yet and they want to offload….

  • Richard

    Great post and response. Question: what are the best ways, resouces to learn html and css quickly and on the cheap????

  • Hi Richard,

    I prefer a paper book when it comes to learning something like HTML or CSS however there are plenty of free resources online to teach you.

    HTML Goodies – and my favourite, WebMonkey are two good places to start.

  • Hi Yaro, nice blog. I’m Zul from Malaysia. I’ll listen your mp3 audio after this and will start the business after that.. :-p

  • Hi Yaro,

    The delivery of your podcast on starting a business was down-to-earth. I agree with you, that people need to take action when it comes to starting a business and make their dreams of entrepreneurship a reality. Its easier to keep making excuses than to take a chance. I wrote a short article a little while back that’s related to this at—Think-it,-Believe-it-and-Live-it&id=123472

    Bisi Adepo-Bassey

  • Thanks yaro for my daily podcast one my walk. this is todays podcast I am listening to on my lunchtime walk. I will post back later.
    thanks for the great ear fodder.
    Larry C.

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