Andrew Warner is passionate about entrepreneurship and loves talking with his fellow entrepreneurs. He came to my attention when he recently interviewed Gideon Shalwick on his current blog, Mixergy, which features tons of great video interviews with leading entrepreneurs.

Andrew has a great story to tell as he, in partnership with his brother, created an eight-figure online business (topping $30 million in annual sales at one point), which he later sold. I was naturally curious to learn more about him, what his business was about and what he is currently focused on, so I approached him about doing an interview.

In this interview, Andrew explains how he first became an entrepreneur and then dives into a detailed breakdown of how he started and grew his multi-million dollar business and what his current Mixergy project is aiming to achieve.

The concept of leverage is especially important for any company to grow towards eight figures, so I was interested to hear Andrew’s take on how to get real leverage in your business. If you want to push towards a million dollars or more a year from your online business, have a listen to what Andrew had to say.

Enjoy the interview,

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