One of the challenges of trying to do something you have never done before is dealing with a lack of results.

While I am not religious, this is the one area of life where I think faith becomes critically important.

If you don’t believe you can achieve something then how are you going to continue striving for it?

I don't believe in blind faith when it comes to business results

Faith can be a precarious thing. The longer you go without results, the harder it is to keep the faith.

This is especially true if you are mixing in a good dosage of rational thinking too.

As a rational person you won’t keep doing the same thing forever just because you believe one day it will finally deliver a result.

I mix my faith in a process towards a result with rational awareness of reality.

If something doesn’t work for long enough then there comes a time to change.

This is when things can be challenging because you will feel the emotions of “failure” (or lack of results so far…) fighting against the belief that if you keep trying things something will eventually work.

Improvement Feeds Belief

Signs of improvement are vital, even if they are only the tiniest little changes.

If you believe in climbing the success ladder and Kaizen (gradual systemic improvement), then any sign of progression is a big deal.

It shows that you are doing something right and if you keep doing it, more good things will happen.

This is the jolt you need to keep the faith strong. It boosts your motivation and can carry you for weeks and months.

I don’t believe in blind faith when it comes to business results. You need to see progress. If you don’t, there comes a time to change.