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Ahh, another day another lesson. This podcast, ahh, sorry…this rivercast was recorded using my iRiver iHP-140 MP3 player. Because I couldn’t access audioblog.com I had to try something I thought should work – stick my headphone mic into my mp3 player and use it to record an audiocast.

You may not realise this but iRiver players are superior to iPods. I’m not joking. In many ways the iPod is beaten in features by competing products but it’s winning the marketshare war because of the coolness factor, positioning and branding, which are all thanks to the outstanding marketing campaigns of Apple. I know the iPod engineering is great and it’s simplicity is one of the best features, but it has a few shortcomings that had me looking elsewhere for a player. I’m also not one to follow the crowd too so how could I get an iPod.

The main reason I chose an iRiver player is the fantastic navigation device which, most importantly is small and separate from the main player AND has a full screen display. This means I never need to look at the main device to navigate tracks so it stays snug in my bag with the small navi clipped to my bag straps or belt for easy access.

Anyway the purpose of this post is not to discuss MP3 players, it’s about my latest podcast. This podcast is all about blogging and podcasting which are two things I spent some time researching lately because I was not happy with the current systems. I’m still not totally satisfied but I’m getting closer.

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