Which Link Building Techniques For SEO Work Today And Questions To Answer During Your Funding Pitch

Two episodes ago we had a reader question from John Paul who asked about link building techniques.

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We spent the first half of this podcast episode, Everything Entrepreneurship #15, talking about where link building is at today, a topic I am very interested in because I spent the last week researching traffic strategies for my new e-guide.

Link Building In 2014

In the second half of this podcast Walter talks about his experience listening in to a woman who was part of a seed investment round in Twitter. We then talk about funding and doing a pitch for investment as a startup.

During the show I mentioned a previous article I wrote about putting together a “pitch deck” for when we were looking for investors for CrankyAds, which includes the different areas we covered in our presentation.

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You can find the list of concepts to cover in your pitch deck in this article – How I Created Our Pitch Deck For Investors.

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Enjoy this week’s episode and we will talk to you again next week.

Yaro and Walter

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  • Of course, techniques nowadays is different with past techniques in link building.

    Now Google is using the Penguin 2.1, so the key are drip feed link building, backlink diversification and anchor text diversification. Don’t rush in link building.

    The quality is more important than the quantity, focus on high quality backlinks which acquired from high authority websites.

  • Ofcourse, Quality Link building is much more important than that of quantity. Google is getting smarter day by day and will get more smarter in future… Beware!! of fraud links and buying links will not going to help you anymore…


  • A good technique is to run a backlink check on sites that are optimizing well on search engines. Then set the most powerful ones up on your site.

    Research and duplicate

  • […] rest of the podcast features three questions we selected from over twenty questions left on episode #14 of our podcast from students of TEC de Monterrey, a school in Mexico (thanks to teacher Horacio […]

  • My biggest question is: nofollow links on some weight in building backlinks?

  • Link building for SEO is completely different to what it used to be, it used to be easy. Now you do too much of a single type of link and you get penalised for it. To follow on the last comment, I think nofollow links are nearly as valuable as follow links.

  • Since Google update into Penguin Algorithm, I personally confused what the Link Building means as Matt Cutts also have says that is Guest Blogger also became harmful if the site owners doesn’t place “nofollow” tag for the author who sent the article. Ah, still focus on quality content and we have to find another way to get backlink from authority site’s

  • Linkbuilding is not been the same since the Penguin Update. Social Media and Great content will play a major role this year.

  • Yes well said. This is truly a great post. After penguin link building era is changed much.

    Anyways people tend to forget or not be aware of the deep linking concepts most of the times.

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