How Blue Oceans And Disruptive Innovation Can Be Your Path To Startup Success

Walter and I have a very strategic discussion on today’s Everything Entrepreneurship Episode #14 as we look to concepts like the Blue Ocean Strategy and Disruptive Innovation as methods to carve out big profits by creating new markets.

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The two books we mentioned during the call were –

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant

The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business

We also talk about these topics during the podcast –

  • How to turn an information publishing business into a hundred million dollar company
  • Internal vs external forms of motivation
  • The parallels between startup companies and internet marketing fundamentals
  • And more feedback from Walter’s experience in the startmate incubator program

To hear your question answered on our next show send me a one to two minute long MP3 explaining who you are, what you are up to and a question for Walter and myself and we will reply on our next episode. You can send the mp3 to [email protected] Or if you are shy, leave your question as a comment reply to this post.

Enjoy this week’s episode and we will talk to you again next week.

Yaro and Walter

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  • David Tae Sung Yu Kim

    Hi, I´m a student from TEC de Monterrey and my question is: What is the most efficient way to build up your relationship with your customers?

  • Student in TEC de Monterrey, Jose Gerardo Vilarreal Garza

    I have a question about the relationship with the clients: What i want to know is that if i don’t get to have the bond with my clients, and rather have a more professional relationship will i get a negative response from them?

  • Armando Antuan Moses Nunez de Caceres

    Hi, I am a student from the TEC de Monterrey Campus Tampico and when I heard the podcast I was wondering how did you make a decision of what are you passionate about? Was it a difficult decision?

  • Cristina Heredia

    I am a student at the tec de Monterrey.

    “Pick up a niche that has many customers.” With this idea I thought that for my business I would pick the topic of reading because out of all my topics its the one I think will have more customers.

  • Araceli perez

    I am a student of tec de monterrey.”Big markets have more competition” for my project I will choose the healthy food topic because its part of the big three markets. This will help my business to have more customers and have more income”

  • Mauro Valencia

    Hi i’m Mauro, and I’m a students at Tec de Monterrey(Mexico), I would like to know if it would be better to focus yourself on a bigger niche although there is more competition or a smaller niche, because if you innovate creating a blue ocean and you have success wouldn’t you make bigger companies notice you and try to take you down causing you to fail?

  • Samuel Castan A00513081

    Is it better to grow a big business or a low and why is important no to try to compete with another business?

  • Jaime Heredia Acuña A00513181

    What is better grow a smaller company or a bigger company and with what methods, and if bigger companies have more oportunities to grow than the beggining companies?

  • Alan Muñoz

    Hi my name is Alan I am a student of the TEC de Mty and I want to know why when you said of making clients, if you talk about them isnt the product left in 2nd place? and does that matter when you want to sell your product to new costumers? How do you convince them if you don`t really declare your product in the proper ways?

    Thank you very much

  • TEC DE MONTERREY Mario Carlos Carrillo

    how can I have a plenty relationship with our customers via online, how can we do that without a personal talk, like answering each costumer question or talking with them in the blog.

  • Rolando

    Hi I am a student from Tec of Monterrey and i want to ask you about the importance of the relationship with the clients and that special attention that helps building it, but maybe sometime online this kind of interaction is difficult to achive, wich advise could you give to create a strong relationship between the costumer and the seller using online resources.

  • Marcos

    Hi, my name is Marcos Novillo, a student from Tec of Monterrey. I wanted to ask, how did you put your advertisements in different web pages. And also, which were the webpages that brought you more customers?

  • José Fernandez

    Walter, what are some ideas or ways you used in order to have more traffic or promote your site? I am a student of the Tecnológico de Monterrey here in Mexico, and I want to start a blog for various things, but I have yet to find a good way to promote it. If you can, could you share some ideas? Thank you for your help, and great informative Podcast.

  • Hi, my name is Ana Bety and I am a student of Tec de Monterrey Campus Tampico. I found this podcast really interesting. It helped me understand more about my class project, but I would like to know what you do if your costumers needs change so much your product that you don’t like it anymore. Do you still sell it, even though it isn’t what you are passionate about?

  • Hi, my name is sandra mejia muñoz, im 18 years old, and im a student at the TEC campus Tampico. I have a question, if talking to clients its “all about them” in order to built a relationship, they why the client is always interested in knowing more about the person they’re making a deal with? I think that in order to build a nice and good relationship, both persons should give a little feedback

  • Hello. My name is Aylin Gutierrez and i’m currently in high school at Tec de Monterrey in Tampico, Mexico. I found out about you through my teacher. Thank you for the advice. Im a blogger and I’ve always had the idea about how to make money out of a blog, and now I’m starting to open up my mind about the possibility of actually making money out of the internet. What i consider as the best advice for my future entrepreneur start-up is to listen what my customers want, that’s the most important thing. And also Im gonna use the blue ocean strategy. To create a new market instead of entering to the market and having competition is an amazing idea. From now on Im gonna be more aware of my customers need and priorities.

    Thank you.
    Aylin Gtz.

  • Oh and i have a question about my webpage, I still don’t have ads but I want to put some so I was wondering is it an effective way to have many sites and ads everywhere? or is it better to ask a well known internet person to have your ads in their pages? Or what could be another efficient idea?

    Thank you again
    Aylin Gutierrez.

  • Maricarmen Garcia

    Hi, my name is Maricarmen Garcia, I’m a student of de Tecnológico de Monterrey. I found this post really interesting, it helped me to fully understand my entrepeneurship class and be aware of some great tips. I understood from your post that the customer or clients comes first and then the product, and that it is important to have this “bond” with you clients so they can provide you also some feedback, but isn’t the product the one that’s holding the relation between you and your market(clients)? You have your clients because of your product, then why put it in second place? and as you mentioned how can you look for the proper customer aquisition?

    Thank You

  • Rocio Carestia

    Hi, my name is Rocio and I’m a student of Tec de Monterrey, I’ve heard your post wich I liked very much and found helpful. the post said that you do not had to compete with the existing market, but to try to create a new market, by this you mean to innovate? Would it be a good idea for me to take and idea I liked and improve it? or it has to be a brand new idea? Thank you


    Im Ga Hye Kim a student from TEC DE MONTERREY and i think this podcast is really useful. For begginers like me, this helped me realize what is one of the most important points to consider before running a business: to know what te customer wants; in fact, that is the most important thing bcuz it would be useless and a loss if i try to sell sth that people dont like.
    And my question is really common. How can put ads in my webpage? cux im planning on creating one.

  • andrea fuentes

    Hi my name is Andrea and I am a student at TEC de Monterrey and I wanted to know the best ways to make the relationship with your customers and what can I do if the niche that I like is already taken and I don’t want to compete with bigger companies?

  • Andrea Fuentes

    Hi I am a student at TEC de Monterrey and I wanted to know what to do if the niche that I am interested in is already taken abad what are the best ways to make the relationships with your customers? Thank you

  • Thanks to all the students from TEC de Monterrey for coming in and asking so many great questions (and thanks to your teacher for asking them to do so!).

    Walter and I have written them down and will pick three of them to reply to in our next episode of the show. Look out for Everything Entrepreneurship #16 to see if your question was responded to.


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