Search Engine Optimization Using The Long Tail, The Ultradian Rhythm For Productivity And The One Thing Startups Should Focus On

Welcome to the first episode of Everything Entrepreneurship with Walter and Yaro for 2014. This is episode #13, which felt a bit like a new years hangover episode.

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We recorded this podcast at 10:30PM local time Monday night, after Walter had his first full day at the Startmate Incubator in Sydney. You will hear how that went and what the setup at Startmate is like during this podcast.

I also talk about my first project for this year, a beginners guide to traffic for bloggers, which leads us into an interesting discussion about the Long Tail and how it is so relevant for SEO today.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

We also talk about these topics during the podcast –

  • The only thing startups should focus on from day one
  • How much pressure is Walter on to perform in the incubator and how they are measuring success
  • What content is going into my new guide on blog traffic
  • How bloggers can make use of the Long Tail to get traffic from search engines
  • And yes, we talk about the weather too!

You can read more about the Long Tail here.

I hope 2014 has started with a bang for you and your business. If you need a little help to guide you this year, why not leave us a question we can answer during the show?

Just write a comment reply to this post or even better, email your audio question in MP3 format to [email protected] and we will play it live during the episode.

Happy listening!

Yaro and Walter

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  • Longer tail are easier to rank at search engines and higher CR (conversion rate).

  • I feel lucky to be apart of the golden age when inbound keyword data was plentiful. It’s first hand evidence on how powerful long tail is. Future generations won’t experience it which is why your article is so important.

  • Long tail is definitely the way to go, great podcast guys!

  • I’m totally impressed with the amazing features of LTP, but besides choosing proper keywords, we should have knowledge about link building and other things that Google considers while deciding rankings.
    Yaro Starak, which strategy is best for link building? Either tired architecture or some other?

    • Hi John,

      Remember the concept of “link bait”? I still like that strategy, although most of the time I focus on consistent production of content over time with the occasional big release to stimulate links.


  • It’s amazing how much the customer is always the North Star, which really reminds us two things:
    1. Your customer is a strategic choice
    2. You really have to know who you want to serve and who you have empathy for

    Hyper-competition really does make the Web arena an interesting stomping ground. It seems like time and again the best way to win is through customer experience and energized differentiation.

  • greatly helped me in developing blogg
    thank you yaro

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