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Reflections On 2013, What Walter Discovered About Starting A Business After Listening To Podcast Interviews, And Our Plans For 2014

In episode #12 of Everything Entrepreneurship, the final for 2013, Walter and I look back over the previous year and talk about some of the most significant moments in both our personal and business lives. We review how these events changed us and changed the direction we took during the year. We also discuss what 2014 has in store for us.

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2013 to 2014

Here are some of the subjects we covered during the podcast –

  • To begin this episode I talk about the biggest change and by far the hardest event in my life so far, the passing of my mother.
  • Walter talks about how dealing with the death and illness of people close to him has changed his outlook on life.
  • Walter explains how he researched what people like him did to launch a successful business by binging on podcasts interviews with software engineers who became founders.
  • We close out the episode by looking forward at what 2014 holds for us

A big thank you to all of our listeners for supporting us during the first three months of this new podcast. We hope you continue to join us in 2014.

If you want your question answered during our next episode, leave a comment reply to this post or email your audio question in MP3 format to support@yaro.blog.

Yaro and Walter

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