Structuring Your Projects For Passive Income And The “Holy Trinity” That Leads To The Perfect Business

This edition of Everything Entrepreneurship with Walter and Yaro focuses on passive income. We also review what I call the “holy trinity” of concepts necessary to feel completely satisfied with your business, especially as a lifestyle entrepreneur.

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Walter loves his lamborghini!

Here are some of the subjects we discussed –

  • Can buying a website lead to true passive income?
  • What types of passive income are there
  • Why hiring good people is so important for passive income
  • The trinity of money, freedom and passion and how I went about finding all three
  • And a whole lot more!

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Enjoy the show!

Yaro and Walter

About Yaro

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Yaro, is that *really* his car? (Sorry haven’t listened to the poddy yet)

  • Josh

    For the record, I was the customer with the problem with the membership issue from the weekend. Yaro, what I really appreciate about the way you run your business is that, while you have a system, you also provide an amazingly personable feel to your customer service. You replied to my email inquiry within hours yourself before handing it off to Angela, and the whole process did an excellent job of making me feel like I was in good hands. You’ve done a great job of building a lot of trust with your customers and that sets a fantastic example for new and budding entrepreneurs like myself.
    To bring it back to this podcast, I really liked what you said about the “holy trinity” and how if you focus on first reaching your financial goals, you can then focus on your freedom goals, which will then give you the time to explore your passions. I’m definitely right there on the first one, being in a transitional year between having just finished my undergrad and doing my Master’s, while trying to afford a wedding (this coming summer). Hence being fascinated by your Buy/Sell Blogs product, which is something I’ve never considered before. Which is, by the way, where I’m headed in just a few minutes here….

  • Joe

    Hey guys,

    Great podcast.

    Does Walter have a blog too? I am a young software engineer/Android app developer and I have my sights pointed at internet business and possibly stepping towards contracting work as an initial pull from my 9-5. I know Walter has a similar story so I’d be interested in reading his blog too.

    • Walter

      Hi Joe,

      No I don’t have a blog. I’ve spent my time focussing more on building businesses and getting that right than documenting and sharing my experiences. But that’s something I’m changing starting with this podcast.

      That said, let me know what questions you have and we can share them with everyone in an upcoming podcast.


  • Rick Resch

    Hello Yaro,
    Could you tell me exactly the name of that book on Amazon and Jeff Bezos so that I can check it out?
    Thank you.


  • Hey guys,

    Really enjoying the podcast – just listened to the last 6 episodes in the car driving to Glasgow and back!

    During the episodes I kept hearing a request for questions, so thought I’d oblige. I hope this isn’t too specific to my own business, but it’s something I’m struggling with just now, and I thought it might be of interest to others too.

    I’ve been running a Podcast hosting service for the past 2 years – it was mainly something I set up because I do a fair bit of podcasting and each of the hosts I had tried out were lacking in one way or another. I’ve never put too much effort into growing the business, it’s always been an interesting back-burner really, beside my normal consultancy work, but it’s grown to the stage where support is becoming an issue.

    Basically, my question is around getting away from a commodotised business. Hosting in generally, and Podcasting hosting too, is a pretty low-value product. Shame really because it means support and features are often pretty shocking. My USP was ‘the supportive podcast host’ because I actually answered questions, and customised the platform for my users. I love helping people with Podcasting. I’ve taught it at university and done it for years. But, as I said, the support time has just become too high for the price I charge. And the price I charge is very low basically because hosting is a commodity, and there’s too much competition. So, I’m trying to move away from this and offer the support as a service, differentiated from the hosting itself.

    The idea is ‘managed podcast hosting’ which is a lot more expensive, but offers really customised podcasting platforms, on-demand support in terms of audio equipment help, promotion advice, production tips, etc. and even audio production services, eg. send me your basic recording each week and I’ll edit in the music, stings, etc and post it for you. The price for this will be significantly higher than hosting alone, to pay for the time spent. But, Podcasting courses out there sell for thousands of dollars so I think it’s possible the demand is there. My new landing page in production is here: if you want to see what I’m proposing. (I don’t really mind this being public – I’m always pretty open with my community).

    So, do you reckon this will fly? Do you reckon I’m going about this the right way? Is there a better way to get around my main issue? Would appreciate your advice on all of the above!


    • Great question Colin – we will address this on our next show!


  • No I don’t have a blog. I’ve spent my time focussing more on building businesses and getting that right than documenting and sharing my experiences.

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