Applying The “Product Is Marketing” Principle To Information Products And Buying A Blog Instead Of Building One

It’s time for our regular weekly podcast, the first with our new title – “Everything Entrepreneurship With Walter And Yaro”, including catchy intro and outtro music thanks to Carl from The Voice Market.

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In this episode we focus on the concept of Product Is Marketing, which was the topic of my most recent newsletter as well. Make sure you read the comments that follow the newsletter, there is some great stuff there from Jade and Lewis for anyone who sells informations products online.

This topic first surfaced as a result of my attendance at a Melbourne networking event that featured Jonathan Teo, who works for a venture capital group who have backed Twitter, Instragram and most recently, Snapchat.


We start this episode with a discussion around buying a website instead of starting one from scratch and why you might want to do that.

This ties in to the upcoming release of my latest e-guide – How To Buy And Sell Blogs And Websites For Passive Profits – launching next week.

Enjoy our show, let us know what you think of our new music and podcast name, and don’t forget to leave a comment reply with any questions you have, which we will respond to during the next show.

Yaro and Walter

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  • Rick Resch

    Hey Yaro,
    I was wondering what was the name of that audio on Toyota on the Kaizen concept that was about 10 hrs. long I think I heard you mention awhile ago because I want to check it out. I want to learn more about “continuous improvement.”
    Another thing is I suggest you check out, “80/20 Sales and Marketing” by Perry Marshall. I learned about him from you and he has some great info in this book. It was only 1 cents plus shipping and handling when I bought it, but it might have changed since then. I’m half way through the book and it is really good. Food for thought.
    Take care and I wish you well.


    • Hey Rick – look up any of the “Toyota Way” books – I am reading the lean leadership one, but they also have a lead manufacturing one I believe, which is a bit older.

      And yes I have Perry’s book. He sent me a copy when it first came out. Hopefully I can read it next.

  • Hi Yaro / Walter,

    This is a general note about the podcast: it rocks!

    I’ve been commuting 2.5 hrs a day for the last year and have got through a metric tonne of podcasts (100’s and 100’s of hours). I’ve taken to listening to a lot of IM podcasts from ALL the usual suspects (Pat Flynn, IBM, James Schramko etc, etc).

    I love this format where you and Walter just chat in a natural, honest, truly open and (seemingly) unscripted way. I can honestly say that of all the podcasts I’ve come across this one is my favourite and moved me to feed this back to you.

    Don’t change

    Keep it up

    Thank you

    (And before you ask – I’ll try and work out how to leave an iTunes review)

    • Jon thanks so much for the kind feedback. It’s hard to know whether people are enjoying our ramblings or not, so I really appreciate you took the time to tell us.

      An itunes review would of course be much appreciated too!


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