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The Two Phases Of Market Research To Identify What People Really Want And How To Move From Employee To $250/Hour Contractor

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Consumer researchWelcome to the start of a new week and of course, a new podcast with Walter and Yaro.

Thanks so much to everyone who gave us feedback last week about what name to use for our show.

We have now decided on a name and slogan, and with thanks to a listener Carl, who has offered to do a jingle, next week we will unleash our new name and intro.

For this episode Walter and I uncharacteristically managed to focus on only two topics, which were –

  1. The two phases of market research, which Walter is currently working through in order to come up with a sustainable income stream for his startup, Kickspy.
  2. How to move from full time employee to part time contractor and eventually reach the point where, like Walter, you can earn enough to live off from one day’s worth of contracting so you can spend the rest of your time on your entrepreneurial projects.

I hope you enjoy and as always we welcome your questions, which we will answer on the next episode. To leave a question just leave a comment reply to this blog post.

Yaro and Walter

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