Creating And Pitching A Product At Startup Weekend, Investing In Startups Via Angel List, And How To Gain Exposure For A New Project

In this week’s podcast episode on the Walter and Yaro show (still yet to be named!) we review Walter’s hectic weekend putting in long hours at a startup event. He was part of a team that came third in a competition to create a new product, pitch it and even find customers for it, all over a three-day weekend period.

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Angel List

I then have a ramble about using Angel List to invest in startups. I explain what Angel List is, what syndicates are and which people’s syndicates I have joined so far. If you are interested in angel investing or raising capital yourself, you definitely need to know about Angel List.

Finally we end the show with a talk about gaining exposure for new projects and why positioning is so important.

A reminder, Walter and I would really love for you to leave a comment to this post and tell us…

  • What should we call our show?
  • Ask us any questions you have about internet business, marketing, technology or entrepreneurship

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Yaro and Walter

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  • hi Yaro

    Here are some brand name suggestions for your show:


    Entrepreneur Insights

    Startup Insights

    Startup Secrets

    The Entrepreneur Show (TES)

    Let me know what you think

  • Jon

    Digital Walkabout is the perfect name for your show guys!


  • How about “Talking Tech”?

    Walter – I’m about to launch something on Kickstarter soon, I would be happy to chat about how we can help each other

  • Whatever the name might be, I am sure it will be something that instantly comes up in mind. I hope you come up with something offbeat 🙂

  • How do you market your product over the internet and social media?

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