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My Week Spent Shopping And A Sunday Study Session

I just had one of the most productive weeks of my life.

However, it wasn’t so much business productivity, I was shopping for stuff to put into my new house in Melbourne (it still counts!).

You see for my new place I went in empty. The landlords left me a washing machine. That’s it.

It’s amazing how much you can buy in a week, especially with the power of internet shopping.

I got a fridge, bed mattress, bed frame, quilt, pillows, toaster, dishes, cuttlery, cutting boards, kettle, rug, rice cooker, towels, linen, teatowels, coathangers, vacuum cleaner and more.

At least half of that stuff came from online shopping at appliancesonline.com.au and the other half from Ikea.


Omega The YarisI sold my car in Brisbane and instead of buying one in Melbourne, I’m giving GoGet.com.au carshare a try.

Carshare is where you can make use of cars parked all over the city and just pay an hourly rate. They cover petrol, insurance and maintence, you just pay for what you use.

There are two cars parked near my house from the GoGet service.

This week I went for a drive in “Omega” the Yaris (that’s her, or maybe him, to the right).

I also rented a van, which they conveniently have parked at Ikea, so I could transport my bed frame and rug. I felt very manly driving a van.

Anyway, that’s enough about my life, let’s get back to business…

Sunday Study Session: The Product Launch Blueprint Video

In the background as I type this I have Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Blueprint Video downloading.

It’s the final free resource he is providing in the lead-up to his course opening. This is the most practical of the the three prelaunch videos.

It’s essentially a mindmap, which you can also download in PDF along with the video. Jeff then goes through the mindmap breaking down each piece of the launch puzzle.

Here it is –

Product Launch Blueprint Full Video (Click To Watch)
Click Here To Watch The Full Product Launch Blueprint Video

Bear in mind this is an overview video, but Jeff does cover the key concepts.

I want to be clear about the “formulaic” nature of this marketing concept.

Jeff’s process is not something you undertake lightly. There are a lot of boxes to tick, things to prepare, and the amount of emails to coordinate is incredible.

However, it is a formula that is surprisingly consistent. If you do at least half of what goes into the process it increases your sales.

I’m hesistant to ever guarantee anything, but in this case if you do the work, you get the results.

I can say this from experience. Over the period from 2007 to 2011 I conducted over ten new product launches, reopening campaigns and closing down launches.

I used Jeff’s process every time, sometimes even using the exact same emails as I did in previous launches, and it just kept working.

You have to remember you are talking to a new audience each time you do this process. By giving them amazing free content, for some they are going through it with you for the first time.

That’s why it just keeps on working.

That’s also why, if you are new to this process and have never studied it before, you need to watch the video.

This is something anyone can learn and you can apply as much of it as you are ready to do so for your next product promotion.

Here’s that link again –

Product Launch Blueprint (Video 3) by Jeff Walker 

I suggest you watch this video as a “Sunday Study Session” this weekend.

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