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Come Take A Walk With Me Through A Melbourne Park [Video]

A Walk In The Park And The Critical Importance Of Mindset Training…

I was out walking today in a chilly Melbourne winter day and I came across this lovely park on Toorak Road in South Yarra near where I am staying.

It’s one of those parks that has these epic tree lined paths that are super-straight. You can see what I mean in this video I recorded for you…

Yaro In The Park In Melbourne

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The video talks about what you get if you grab my new Master Your Mindset E-Guide package before the price increase on Friday.

I have to say it’s nice to be doing a promo for my new product in such a lovely place!

The Critical Importance Of Targeted Mindset Training

Last week I published a new blog article about why I spend so much time focusing on mindset.

I really believe that success online comes from two key areas –

  1. Raising your awareness so you know the path in front of you
  2. Making the smartest decisions you can given your situation

These are not complicated ideas, but there is some depth to them.

Knowing what you have to do online and how to do it is obviously important.

Then making the right decisions given the path you want to take, is how you execute on the knowledge you have gained.

If this seems all a bit vague to you, go read my article where I explain these ideas in more detail…

Blog Post: The Critical Importance Of Targeted Mindset Training

This is vital stuff. Mindset is where success comes from. Do not discount its value.

Speaking of a discount (okay, bad joke), you have until Friday to purchase my new Productivity & Mindset Package before the price rise kicks in over the weekend.

Master Your Mindset: Productivity And Minset Training For Professional Bloggers

I hope you are having a productive week wherever on the planet you are.

I’ll talk to you in the next newsletter,


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