Why Interviews Have Been So Important To My Online Career

When I was 19 years old I was provided with a dial-up internet account from the University of Queensland, where I had just enrolled in a business management degree.

I remember using my dial up account at home, struggling with all the line drop outs, yet marvelling at what that little modem could do.

I started out browsing newsgroups and websites, then expanded to online gaming, connecting with other people around the world to battle my tanks against theirs in Command & Conquer Red Alert.

By the end of my degree I had learned a lot, but I felt my real education came not from all those expensive university subjects, but from what I was experimenting with online.

I always knew I wanted to run my own business, and thanks to that dial up internet account I opened a door to a new form of business – online business.

From Newbie To Internet Marketer

My experiences growing various businesses during my twenties are well documented in this blog. You can review my business timeline if you want the longer stories from each of my projects.

If you ask me why I had the success that I did I would tell you there are two reasons –

  1. I took a lot of action, building websites that never took off and some that did, playing with ideas and eventually making an income online.
  2. I learned from other people who did things I wanted to do and explained how they did so through online teaching materials.

My primary learning mechanism is and always will be through experience. There’s nothing better than action taking to teach you what works and what doesn’t.

However, in order to guide you to make smart decisions on what actions to take, I turned to people who had done what I wanted to do.

I studied people by watching what they did (learning through osmosis) and proactive study of training materials they published online.

I can honestly say if it wasn’t for all the bloggers, internet marketers and entrepreneurs around me in a virtual sense, I wouldn’t have forged the path I did.

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Audio Learning

During the early to mid-2000s I began investing in online training programs, something I continue to this day.

My best learning modality is audio. This means I prefer to listen to training materials rather than read or watch videos (video is my least preferred, text is in the middle).

I still “read” most books today via audiobook format. It’s just so much quicker when I can speed up the audio to two or three times speed, making a ten-hour book take half the time to listen to.

Because of this I always looked first for interviews or recorded conversations (let’s not call them lectures – that’s too academic), which were provided in training materials. Sometimes recorded teleconferences were made available, or one-on-one interviews were recorded with experts and provided in MP3 format.

Younger folk reading this might think podcasting is a relatively new phenomenon. It’s not, depending on how you define new. I started my own show in 2005 and there were plenty of people before me.

Itunes is largely responsible for the resurgence of the format, with so many experts starting their own podcast. Dedicated business shows like Rise To The Top, Mixergy and Entrepreneur On Fire, have demonstrated that a content rich podcast, like a blog, can be the basis for an entire business.

The Power Of Interviews

Whether it is a podcast, a teleconference, or some kind of audio training product, I’ve always loved the interview format for learning.

Provided you have an interviewer who knows how to ask the right questions, and you have a guest willing to share the important details, you can learn a lot about how to do something.

When I started doing my own interviews, I learned so much from my guests. It helps that I have a personal incentive (growing my own business) that results in a natural curiosity to find out how people do things. This translated into an interview style that people seem to enjoy.

If someone tells me on an interview they got ten thousand visitors to their website, or they made $20,000 in sales of their product, I want to know how. Hence I ask them and in most situations that’s where the gold nuggets come out. The real “in the trenches” techniques that work are revealed.

My podcast has been a powerful learning tool for my audience and me, and a great way to attract new people back to my other online resources.

Do You Want More Interviews?

Although I’m not as prolific as many other podcasters, over the years I’ve had consistent positive feedback that people love my interview style.

I’m often told that I ask the right questions and seem to pre-empt what people want to know about as they listen to the interview.

As a result of so much positive feedback, a long time ago I contemplated the possibility of producing a regular interviews club.

I considered creating something that would deliver regular interviews for a small monthly fee, similar to CD of the month clubs offered by people like Tony Robbins in personal development, David DeAngelo in dating advice, or Brian Tracy for business content, among many others.

Of course CDs are old technology and a bit redundant nowadays. I figure MP3 is the way to go today. That being said I haven’t ruled out CDs because I think it’s fun to get something tangible in the mail – it increases perceived value and grabs attention, which is important with so much audio content out there today.

When I made the decision last year to get back into teaching and training, I decided I had to include interviews as one of the products I would create.

I want to have something to offer to people who love my podcast, and want more in-depth interviews on a consistent basis.

I began recording interviews last year, and came up with the overall umbrella brand for my new training company.

The EJ Insider

It’s called the “EJ Insider“, which I’m sure you can guess means Entrepreneurs Journey Insider – the next level up from this blog for people who want more in-depth training from me.

EJ Insider Interviews Club


You can go now to the EJ Insider signup page and learn all about this special program.


I’m very excited to release this. I love audio, I love interviews and I love that I have a program I can offer you that is focused on these two things.

Learn and stay inspired through amazing interviews, join the new EJ Insider Interviews Club.

Yaro Starak
EJ Insider

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  • Reading your story, to be honest I really salute. So you now become a successful person. I also am learning to be a blogger, but it seems very difficult to know how it works the way you do. Will I be successful or not, I do not know.

  • For what it is worth, I don’t think you should offer physical CDs. Maybe it comes from being an Australian and having to pay lots in shipping usually, but a physical product like that turns me off.
    Besides, I don’t have a CD player. Even my car plays mp3s from a usb.

    • I’m thinking, depending on interested in the EJ Insider, of making both options available. Best of both worlds!


  • Great stuff and all the best for your new venture! Interviews and podcasting have been a valuable tool for me in my business. People always want to know exactly what people did to achieve their success. Of course, the ‘taking action’ part is usually what separates us from success or not!

  • Your statement about how it was to get connected somewhat reminded me of my own experience with the connection before: “struggling with all the line drop outs, yet marvelling at what that little modem could do”.

    I too tend to prefer to read than to watch a video unless it is a tutorial that is visual in nature.

    I don’t recall listening to your interviews. But, I think that giving access to interviews could be very valuable. It is not every time that when an expert is asked questions, he is being asked the question that the audience wants to learn about.

  • Audio books are a great way to maximize the time especially when you are in a long commute and it’s dizzying to read. It’s better to listen and learn information while on the go with audio books.. Less stress on the eyes too.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with your readers. I particularly liked your point where you mentioned that interviews are taken as a part of learning. Ans this statement is actually true . Interviews should always be taken as a discussion where two individuals exchange and share their knowledge.

  • Yaro, thanks much. Your blog and videos continue to inspire and help me in my internet marketing career

  • This is inspiring indeed so thanks for that. I agree about the comment regarding audio books… Idon’t know where I would be without them.

  • wow … you played red alert .. what was your favorite team … I like Iraq

  • Hi Yaro,

    I totally agree with you that interviews are a great way to learn, inspire, and to get to know new people.
    In fact you were so inspiring to me, that I decided to start doing interviews for my blog as well and I’m getting awesome feedback for my first.

    Thank you for your efforts, I’m sure people will love your membership program! You’re providing huge value with your interviews, keep it up.

    Best regards,

  • I started my blog earlier this year, and I am hoping to start doing some interviews soon. I think you’re right, audio is an important way that people learn and connect, so I’m hoping to follow in your footsteps!

  • Hello Yaro,
    I just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago. Making a go of online blogging and internet marketing myself. Thanks for all of the great information. Reading stories like yours keep me moving forward when things seem to be going nowhere.

  • Hi there. I am also a “blogging newbie”. It’s been tough getting started (spent too much time reading but not enough doing). Your blog has inspired me to keep going. Thanks!

  • Red Alert, there’s a blast from the past! I used to love watching my ore trucks gather all the, what was it called….ore I guess! Many an hour spent playing that.

    Re the CD issue, I think most people, if not everyone, would rather opt for a download. Who doesn’t own an mp3 players these days, even if just on their phones? Yes, it’s nice to get something in the post – but only when you’re about 10 years old. Just my 2 cents!

  • I have been struggling since the last two years to get going in the world of internet marketing and I have not been able to make it yet, but reading success stories like these keeps me motivated and confident that I will be able to get there.

  • Yeah interviews are awesome for learning. I mean if you can format and ask questions the right why and articulate what you want and need, you can get some of the best answers out there. 🙂

  • Great stuff Yaro. I’ve always found that IMer’s that do lots of interviews are by far my favorite to follow. It’s always great to read about other’s success. It helps keep you motivated and taking action. Keep up the good work.

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