How Andre Chaperon Developed His Unique “Soap Opera Story” Email Newsletter Formula

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Back in 2007, I met Andre Chaperon in Florida at one of the very first Rich Schefren Strategic Profits seminars. Before that Andre was a familiar name to me because I had seen him listed near the top of affiliate leaderboards for some of the product launches I promoted around then.

Andre Chaperon

What you wouldn’t have known looking at those leaderboards was that Andre was making a lot of sales using a much smaller email list than the other people on the leaderboard.

He might appear in the top 10 but mail only to his list of 1,000 people, where others were mailing to email newsletters that were anywhere from 10,000 to 250,000 subscribers in size.

Andre’s strength is his ability to establish strong relationships and keep attention using email marketing. Just like the writers of TV show LOST, Andre uses storytelling and consistently opens loops so his subscribers are eager to get the next newsletter so they can find out what happens.

In this interview, you will hear how Andre got his start in online marketing, how he left his job and life in South Africa and moved to the UK. You will hear how he started online as so many people did, with eBay, which then leads to creating his first information product.

Along the way he became exceptionally good at using email marketing, combining storytelling and specific segmentation techniques to earn way above average results with much smaller lists.

Towards the latter half of the interview I asked Andre to teach us some of the techniques he uses, so if you currently have an email list, make sure you listen to what he has to say in that part of the interview.

Andre is a bit of an internet marketing pioneer having made a living online since 2003. He has done so consistently year after year without needing to constantly do launches or release lots of new content. He focused on creating evergreen email marketing funnels, which have continued to deliver results year after year, and allowed him to make the move to Spain for warmer weather.

I hope you enjoy this interview.

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  • Nice Interview Yaro.

    I took Andre’s Tiny Little Business Course starting Winter last year (Aussie winter that is) and I think it finished January sometime.
    It is sort of pitched towards affiliate marketers but it is fine for product owners like myself.
    The way Andre writes (Affliliate Bully is a must read; awesome free content), his laid back non “sales y” attitude, his minimalist webpages design and ethical way that he conducts his businesses really gels with me.

    This model is based around driving paid traffic, testing, tweaking and moving on.

    Does it work?
    For me, learning how to construct the landing pages and write the emails Andres style was great.

    A few months down the track I’m still testing different paid sources for clicks, sign ups, conversions etc (Google content managed placements – good; F.B. – Shiza for sales).

    Done 23 + sales at around $47-$57 (Main product) and 20 at $29; the $29 product is same as $47 product but offered later after some prospects refuse the $47.
    Plus now when I ever I send an email out about another E-Book/videos (in my weekly follow up series) of mine (I’m in the golf niche) I get a few sales; another 20 on the back end at $25.
    Opt-in page converts at about 11-15%. All up my sales funnel (after opt-in) converts at 5% ($47 and $29 products combined) and I have another 25% revenue coming in from Backed emails I’m sending.

    Not quite profitable just now; more traffic source to test and some guest posting in the pipeline.

    Affiliate recruitment and Premium newsletter pitched at my buyers is coming.

    Email list is getting up to 1000 (and a 10% unsubscribe rate)

    Anyway, enough babbling…

    I recommend learning from Andre and nice interview Yaro.


  • hey Yaro,

    there’s no secret about it, Andre is a top dog in the affiliate/product selling game.

    Keep these podcasts coming… I’d love you do another interview with Jeff Walker and all kinds of marketers and bloggers launching niche products and getting traffic from all kinds of sources…

    Also membership sites is also another topic I’m keen on… hope I gave you some ideas for upcoming posts.


  • Great interview Yaro… Andre is incredibly good with his story telling and open loops. This is something I’ve been trying to do for a long time and have always struggled to get a decent conversion rate.

    I would love to know how Andre learned to write such good stories and create cliff hangers… Or was he just a natural? I’ve tried reading novels and watching movies like Lost to try and work it out. But, when I draft my own stories they just never seem to be any good.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  • i love your podcasts Yaro.. i am listening while i am working sometimes and it really motivates and inspires me. thanks!

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