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Audio: The Skype Revolution

You know I thought podcasting would be reasonably easy to do, and certainly the motions required to make a podcast are easy enough. It’s not quite as comfortable as I expected to maintain a continuous, reasonably coherent and interesting stream of babble. I bet the professionals, the radio DJ types, have some sort of plan or outline of what they are going to talk about in each show, and I can really appreciate why now. We can only hope to get better with practice.

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Anyway, without further ado, today’s new podcast is all about Skype. For those new to Skype, I explain briefly how it works. I go on to detail how I use it day-to-day for business and personal applications.

Please note this is not a paid Skype advertisement, I really do love the software that much. Apologies too for the size, I’m finding it difficult to stick to that five minutes length limit I planned to self-impose.


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