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You know I thought podcasting would be reasonably easy to do, and certainly the motions required to make a podcast are easy enough. It’s not quite as comfortable as I expected to maintain a continuous, reasonably coherent and interesting stream of babble. I bet the professionals, the radio DJ types, have some sort of plan or outline of what they are going to talk about in each show, and I can really appreciate why now. We can only hope to get better with practice.

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Anyway, without further ado, today’s new podcast is all about Skype. For those new to Skype I explain briefly about how it works. I go on to detail how I use it day-to-day for business and personal applications.

Please note this is not a paid Skype advertisement, I really do love the software that much. Apologies too for the size, I’m finding it difficult to stick to that five minutes length limit I planned to self impose.

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  • […] You probably already make use of online communication, at the least through email and maybe an instant messaging program like MSN or Yahoo! Messenger. With the proliferation of broadband and advances in technology voice and video chat are real options too. If you have read some of my articles or listened to my audio podcasts you will know I’m a big fan of Skype (free voice of Internet software) and I certainly recommend you try it if you haven’t already. […]

  • One of my friends is a DJ and yes he does put in a great deal of effort before each show to appear effortless and spontaneous when he is on the floor.

    • Podcasting becomes easy as we get experience. I am a newbie when it comes to Podcasting. I am gathering recourses and experience for that. Once i’ll be confident to put in my own podcasts. I’ll go online 🙂

  • TonyP

    Anyone know how to record a telephone conversation with Skype & upload it to your blog? Any advice would be greatlly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • There are many plug-ins that can be used for the call recording. You may use “Pamela Call Recorder”. I personally like this plug-in. Hope it works in your case too.

      My skype is: zunnurain.khalid

  • I just started using Skype last week and I thought it was a great experience. Thanks, Yaro for sharing this podcast. 🙂

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