Do You Wake Up Productive?

I’ve always been of the belief that success begins and ends in the mind.

Techniques and systems work, but if the driver is inefficient and ineffective, failure is more likely than success.

I consider myself a lifelong student of mindset, in particular my own. Ever since I experienced the raw fear of panic attacks I’ve realised just how powerful my mind is.

From those frightful moments of anxiety and panic, and my subsequent efforts to overcome them, dawned a new form of self awareness in me. If I could harness my mind for self improvement rather than self harm, life could be a whole lot better.

Although initially I gained mindset skills in order to just “survive” on a day-to-day basis, once I recovered, I realised that I could take my new abilities even further.

I could use my mind, my atitude and in particular my ability to reframe reality, to go after what I really wanted. I went from surviving to thriving, as cheesy as that might sound.

I’ll leave you with today’s Yaro.TV daily video, one shot in my car after going for a skate. I talk about habits and prioritising one goal in this video.

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  • I guess I have to check out that program now since you recommended it, which I guess is how many people stumble across the things they are currently involved in.

    I haven’t studied much of Eben’s materials simply because I try to limit the amount of new “gurus” (lack of a better word) I pay attention to in order not to suffer from information overload. However, since it’s not primarily about blogging/marketing on the surface then it may sneak into my education.

    I have to say, I did read your pervious post regarding the stand up desk and it is somewhat odd. Change usually is but if it achieves the desired result or better then I can’t really argue much. I generally get bad back pains and don’t necessarily have the best posture so maybe it’s worth a try. I’ll keep you posted.

    HNY Yaro and I wish you an even more productive year!

  • I hadn’t heard of Eben before. I am going through a bit of a productivity kick at the moment, as I am about to be given more responsibility in the day job (taking up more time) but I am determined to make 2013 the year where I get my own projects off the ground, so I really need to make sure I manage my time and productivity.
    I am using a program called ManicTime to track what I do on the computer and it has been interesting and also motivating.
    I am currently watching Eben’s youtube channel, very inspiring 🙂

    Here’s to a new and productive year!

  • Eben is indeed a unique marketeer. I have also done his BluePrint program, and his GET Connected program.
    I think he has an online company with at least 80 virtual employees, that says all about his success!

  • Olga

    I’ve watched a number of Eben’s promotional videos and have to say that I totally don’t get it what people can like about him. No charisma whatsoever. Does he ever smile? As for his teaching: seriously, give me a break, what a joke 🙂

    But nice to read your blog, Yaro! 🙂

    • I agree with the fact that his way of teaching lacks some fire, he is not perfect….but who is??
      If you listen carefully to what he says, you’ll notice that his stuff is good

      By the way, sometimes I listen at double speed, which saves me a lot of time !!

      • Olga

        I really like Brendon Burchard as a speaker. He has videos on YouTube and I also get his promotional videos through his e-mail list. I think he is absolutely exceptional and anyone who does training or public speaking would benefit from watching him. I’ve watched quite a few of his promotional videos (have not taken any paid courses) and also have noticed how he has improved over time.

        As for Eben: “lacks some fire” is a big understatement! From a woman’s perspective, I can’t see how someone like that can teach males on dating! I’d run away from him! 🙂

        I am glad Yaro decided to do videos. I think he’s got great persona for that!

  • I have not heard about Eben but will definitely check it out. It is true that in the end a positive mindset is the difference between the success stories and failures. History says that every successful man failed many times before tasting success, but a positive mindset and determination is what kept them going and in the end achieve the invincible.

  • Dan

    Eben definitely knows how to deliver a script and sell the sizzle of a steak. Basically he’s good at marketing and leveraging other people’s resources.

    He lost a lot of credibility with me once I found out he uses fake names like David DeAngelo or Jack Carter. These past stunts even make me doubt the name of Eben Pagan. If you think of him as an actor then I suppose it’s fine to use character names.

    If I was interested in a topic like productivity I would head over to Amazon, find a few highly rated DVDs and books, buy them and save some money in the process.

    Writing this comment just gave me a good product idea. Thanks for the Inspiration Yaro.

    • I totally understand why he went with David D for a dating product, rather than use his real name.

      I like talking about and even may one day teach dating advice, but I don’t want to be known as a dating coach on a grand public scale because it affects how people, especially the opposite sex, treats you. I would use a pen name for that. It’s also a smart marketing decision, just how woman writers in the past have taken men’s names to help them break through (and vice versa no doubt sometimes too).

      Books and DVDs are great, maybe once you find some good ones you can come here and recommend them to us.

  • Thanks Yaro for that link to Eben Pagan

    Just finished reading his whole write up, did the budget and I can afford it, just did a search for some of his videos on Youtube, seems like a pretty good speaker imho 🙂 Also your recommendation ranks highly in my book too, thanks again!

  • Thanks for this great post Yaro. I had done deep research on Eben Pagan and also written his success story in Internet Marketing on my blog. Productivity is an important factor any internet marketer/entrepreneur should look deep into!!

  • Now that is awesome one.

  • […] about to watch a video by Eben Pagan about productivity, he’s course on productivity was recommend by Yaro Starak, one of the original pro bloggers and someone I respect and look up […]

  • Ben

    I’ve used some of his stuff in the past and found it effective. I have several things i’m studying at the moment but his material is on my list. It’s good to hear how much you got from it. 🙂


  • Finished the first long video and first short video, and I have to say this course is going to be worth it. I’m listening to Tony Robbins, reading his book and another productivity book, a blogging course and Eben’s course on top of all that now, it’s worth it…

  • I happened to mention Eben today in my post on Trends for 2013: The Rise of the Entrepreneur.

    It originally bothered me that Eben uses multiple names, but then I realized it was a marketing move, and if I think of it as a Pen name, it makes sense.

    I also looked past the name or person, and I look to the merit of the information. There’s no doubt … Eben delivers great insight.

    That’s exactly why Tony Robbin’s endorses him in his Money Masters.

    I’ve focused on extreme productivity for years, but I’m a perpetual student and life-long learner, so I’ll be curious what Eben brings to the space. He seems to do his homework and test his results. At the end of the day, it’s testing results that’s works.

    I suspect that Eben’s self-made millionaire approach is an undercurrent that shapes his productive ways. After all, a lot productivity comes down to purpose, clarity, and drive. Where there’s will … we find ways.

    And yet, I can’t stress it enough just how much principles, patterns, and practices for productivity change the game … what you don’t know can hurt you, and what you do know can catapult you to new heights.

  • Something to look forward to whenever we wake up in the morning. I’ll keep this in mind so I can start the day right with the necessary activities and finish the day strong.

  • […] you have to know when you’ve waited too long to see the benefits roll in.”Yaro Starak Entrepreneurs-Journey.comWhat was your most monumental business blunder of the year?“I just experienced a business […]

  • Eben has a private Facebook group for everyone taking this course, but I wanted to share a bit more here… everyday this past week I’ve been making better and quicker productivity related decisions.

    Today after the included coaching session I feel energized and tightly aligned with my own personal business lifestyle goals. If you guys are still on the edge about this program check out Eben on YouTube.

  • Eben is a legend and it’s nice to see a reminder of him and his course first up in the New Year. Love the reminder on focusing your goals and the ratio arrangement. I think being productive and efficient are incredibly difficult when you are working from home and are no longer accountable to anyone but yourself.

  • To answer your question Yaro Yes.

    I wake up productive.

    I had a moment of awakening when I realized the point is to simply refine how you spend your time. Focus it on the most valuable activities.

    Review what you do before you do it again.

  • I really agree with the importance of having the right mindset and how powerful it is. The difficult part is to acquire that power that is stucked because of past traumas and disfunctional families. Is not that easy and also genuine will power is not enough in my experience.

    I tried many different techniques in my life like hypnosis, affirmations, talking therapy… But that one that i found gave really great results is Eft, Emotional Freedom Techniques by Gary Craig. Even though i refused it at the beginning because it looks weird, learning and using Eft is the best thing that happened to me to improve my mindset and to feel better.

    I higly suggest it to everyone to reach goals of any kind, you can find the manual of the creator for free on the internet.

    I wish you the best

  • Yaro,

    In regards to Eben – I agree that he is smart and a great marketer but I too have a negative view of him based on what has been mentioned above in other comments.

    Your comment about selling dating advice through a pen-name and your reasoning for doing so comes from the wrong place I believe. The only reason women would have a poor perception of you is if you did what every other dating advice “guru” does and try to sell the idea that you can use some sort of “technique” to attract women. Women have gotten sick of this, and it is dishonest.

    Anybody teaching dating advice to men should be teaching them to develop their best qualities and be honest about what they want out of life and a relationship. One person comes to mind who teaches honesty and self-development to attract women is Mark Manson. As far as I know he uses his real name. I’m sure he still has plenty of people disagree with him, but that comes with the territory of being honest. If you chose to hide behind a pen name it suggests that you believe you have something to hide.

  • Great post I at the beginning of this year I started waking up 7am to go work out and start my work day early.

  • I don’t wake up productive. Sometimes this don’t depends on me.
    Anyway, we must have the right mindset.
    Also, I hadn’t heard of Eben before.

  • Oh boy do I! I pretty much dive into my computer chair when I wake up and my fingers become blurred by how fast they go. 🙂

  • Well said,”success begins and ends in the mind.”I really agree with the importance of having the right mindset and how powerful it is. The difficult part is to acquire that power that is stucked because of past traumas and disfunctional families. ya,I wake up productive…

  • Thanks for the post, Yaro! This is a great post to read! Have you ever read Darren Hardy’s book ‘The Compound Effect’? He talks about exactly the same thing you’re talking about — the importance of implementing consistent habits every single day… *and sticking to those habits for a period of time*.

    Hard to do. But so rewarding.

    His book had a huge impact on my life and your video was a great reminder that I needed to revisit those habits I’ve adopted to ensure that they are on-track.

  • Something that really helps me to be productive is to set achievable goals for every single day, no matter if it is a business goal or a personal one. The rule I try to stick with is “Plan tomorrow today”. That’s how you will know what to do the next day and won’t lose your time checking emails, surfing the web or checking Facebook.

    Daily did sheet is also a great idea that will help you to be more productive. Write down what you have done during the day and how much time have you spent on every single task. Try to lower the time for the unproductive tasks and to work on sessions. I mean work one hour on a specific task with cell phone off, emails closed, Facebook closed and etc. Just focus on your tasks. With doing this 4 times a day you can do more tasks than some people in a whole month.

    And last try to sleep between 6 and 8 hours, not more, not less. When your alarm rings in the morning start within a minute, don’t snooze it again and again. This will help you to have more energy and will to complete your tasks.

    Best regards and thank you for the valuable post 🙂

  • Oh, boy. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I have found that I am not very good at multitasking or working on too many projects at once. I need to be focusing on only 1 goal at a time. You are right about focusing on improving 1 thing and allowing everything else to go into maintenance mode.

    This is the perfect cure for today’s scatterbrained thinking and self-defeating mindset. Thanks so much!

  • Hi Yaro, the video doesn’t load on my browser. Is there another link where I can view it directly? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about Eben’s program. Thanks!

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