Audio: Early adopters and beginners

Here is my latest podcast about early adopters and beginners. After recording this audio I realised I never actually defined what an early adopter is, which is quite ironic considering the topic of the podcast. Just in case here is a quick explanation based on my understanding of the term.

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Key Term: Early Adopter. You can break down the product or service diffusion cycle into periods based on when a user starts consuming a product or service. It can get quite detailed with many layers but simplicity’s sake I’m referring to early adopters as the very first customers to try a product or service. These people are on the cutting edge of their chosen interest area and consequently are looked upon by others as experts so the word of mouth influence they have is quite remarkable.

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  • Dan

    I just stumbled on to your blog. I’m also a young Entrepreneur and I’m based in the US. I’m always looking for more entrepreneurs out there to connect with, learn from, and read about. I look forward to learning more…By the way, judging by your “free business” ideas, you and I have a very similar taste in books. I’d highly recommend “Jump start your business brain” by Doug Hall. Great book

  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for dropping by and good to hear from you. I’ll check out that book you recommended and may add it to my to-read list, which I must admit is getting rather huge!

    So do you have any projects running at the moment Dan?


  • Yaro,

    What other businesses have you started? I would love to know!


  • Hi Nev,

    Well we really should define what you mean by started. Some projects I’ve “started” I’ve had much fun designing a website for but never carried through with new content. I have good intentions but often a lackadaisical approach after the site has been built. is a good example of this.

    The more serious projects that I’ve actually made money with and stuck at for a while include – web hosting and design (where all good young web entrepreneurs seem to start), an English tutoring school with an office with four teaching rooms in downtown Brisbane, and of course my current projects, and Plus this blog too.

    How about yourself?


  • Great podcast Yaro.

    I felt it touched on concepts raised in “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell (using motivated early adopters to spread concepts quickly). Come borrow it from me some time! 🙂

  • Hey Will,

    Will do, although my book pile is getting huge! I’m finding the Dick Smith story is a quick read so I’ll have that finished soon enough.

    Thanks for the props too.


  • Yaro,

    I agree, some of the most interesting things I’m involved with were not neccessarily started by me.

    I first started with a CD Creation business, then web design (like everyone else), then my first online business. From there I did stock, curb-side selling, worked jobs, more online businesses, a few blogs and real estate. I have never had a single “claim to fame” as yet, but I have made lots of money doing things here and there. I sell my notes, take surveys and a million other small things to generate income also.


  • Nev,

    It appears you have quite a varied history of undertakings. Are you just testing the waters so to speak to see what works or do you just change your mind a lot?


  • […] Of course it would be necessary to ascertain any laws that might impinge on the business working, whether their are any restrictions on car advertising etc. The business would also need to coordinate quality control since perhaps certain advertisers would not want to see their brand associated with a banged up bomb student car. Side Idea: Car manufacturers could possibly twist this idea as a method to reach the student market. Target early adopter students, offer them a heavily discounted or free new model car with the condition that the car is detailed with extensive advertising of the car/brand. You could possibly even wrap this idea up into a competition or promotion to give away a car or three during launch. I would imagine someone that just won a car or was offered a significant discount would be telling all their friends and driving the car around campus, to parties, everywhere, and the car would be a roving advertisement providing significant exposure and brand recognition. […]

  • The idea of being an early adopter for products and such is an interesting concept for business, which if applied right can bring in a flood of traffic and stimulate economic growth.
    Thanks for the podcast.

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