Pete Williams Shares His Entrepreneur Story And How He Came Up With The Truly Effective Outsourcing System Profit Hacks

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Pete Williams is a long time Aussie friend, who lives in Melbourne, and is co-founder of three bricks and mortar businesses, all of which use online marketing to get customers.

Pete’s first big business success was a telecommunications company that sells things like phone systems, which Pete and his partners grew initially without having a physical office space. They found customers online using traditional online marketing tools, then directed them to competitors who delivered the product and service, making a profit margin from the transaction thanks to the low cost of online lead generation.

Melbourne Entrepreneur Pete Williams from Profit Hacks

Eventually, Pete and his partners decided to get into the service delivery as well, which led to opening up an office in Melbourne. Downstairs from the office was a finger food catering business, which they decided to buy. Why? Because they knew how to get leads online, so figured they could apply what they do to a catering business too.

As you can know doubt guess, Pete is fantastic at using the internet to attract customers, whether it’s for online or offline products and services. He believes every business functions on the same principles, regardless of what it sells. It’s all about what the customer wants and knowing how to reach them, which you can easily do thanks to the web.

Pete also happens to be one of the busiest guys I know. He’s got so many plates spinning that I get lost just trying to keep up with him every time we chat.

Whether it’s an iPhone app he is creating with popular author Neil Strauss, or a product launch called Profit Hacks he is conducting with Rich Schefren, he seems to manage so many concurrent projects on top of running three businesses. Oh, and he’s having a baby in a few months too after getting married this year.

Outsourcing On Steroids

Of course, Pete is not doing all of this alone. One of the techniques he has become particularly good at is what you might call “outsourcing on steroids“. He can do so many things because, well, he’s not the one doing it all. He only contributes the most important part – the core content or strategy – the rest is executed by his team.

His main philosophy on outsourcing, which is the basis for his new Profit Hacks course with Rich Schefren, is what he calls Core Vs Mechanics. Core is the creative output that you are responsible for, while everything around it – all the mechanical tasks – are completed by other people.

Pete did a great job illustrating his outsourcing system with a quick example that explains how he stays on top of market leadership by leaving comments in forums, except he doesn’t actually do it.

Pete’s outsourcers email him links to a handful of relevant forum posts a day. Pete then replies to the forum posts via audio recording, which is then transcribed, edited and posted to the forums by his assistant. Not only do they do that, but they then go to work creating videos, blog posts, slide presentations, all just from Pete’s audio recording, and spread this content around the web.

It’s actually amazing how powerful what Pete does when you hear him explain it. He literally hacks everything online so he only has to make short bursts of content creation for a few minutes a day. His team does the rest.

Profit Hacks Training

After listening to my interview with Pete, if you are keen to learn more about the Profit Hacks system, make sure you check out the free content from Pete and Rich Schefren.

Pete actually flew from Australia to see Rich at his Strategic Profits offices to teach Rich’s staff how to use Pete’s Profit Hacks techniques. Rich was so impressed, he said he needed to do a course on it.

Enjoy this interview with Pete. His story is inspiring and his techniques are quite eye-opening, yet so simple once you hear them. I know you will have a couple of ah-hah moments while listening to this one.

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  • Yaro,

    Every time that you post a podcast I tell myself: “This is the best interview that I have ever heard.”

    You continue bringing so much value to your listeners. I created my blog five months ago and you have been part of that inspiration.

    You might not know who I am, but one year from now, I hope to come back to you to thank you for inspiring my success.

    • Hi Alain,

      Thanks for your kind comment – I was beginning to wonder if anyone listened to this one as it was all quiet on the comments front!

      I really find interviews like this valuable, so it’s pleasing to hear others do too.


      • Paul E. Coughlin

        Hi Yaro,

        I am an avid listener to your podcasts. I think I have every one. I haven’t commented before but I am doing so now In light of the above reply which makes me think this might be a good place to butt in with an ‘excuse me…’ to express my gratitude to you (and all your amazing interviewees).

        I also wanted to somehow offer you something in return.


        If ever you are looking for a new business idea I’ll happily pass you one for free, no strings etc. I believe it would be ideal for you. I don’t ask for anything; I’m just happy if you keep posting podcasts! And this is purely as a way of offering a little bit more than just ‘thanks’. It doesn’t look like you need any such offers but I make it anyway.

        All the best and again, many thanks.

    • Olga

      Alain, I looked out of curiosity at your Alain Internet Marketing blog and want to congratulate you! So impressive! Such great progress in just four months and considering that you are so busy with other things. You have a really nice way of writing, very informative but also so pleasing to read! I’ve been meaning to work on my blog but always something gets on the way (mainly that I am one of those people who start a bunch of blogs and get stuck on which one to actually pursue 🙂 ). Seeing folks like you and your progress is very inspiring. I also enjoyed seeing your Income Report.

  • Olga

    Yaro: always truly enjoy your podcasts. Each one I have listened to was SUPERB! I haven’t listened to this one yet, but it’s on my list for this weekend. Thanks for all your effort!!!

  • Great interview Yaro, Pete is a real go-getter.

    It is a little quite on the comments front, no sure why, maybe the length of podcast scared a few people from listening. I listened when I was doing “mechanical chores” like washing dishes and preparing food.
    Back to “creating now”… And maybe a little mechanics;

    • I find people don’t comment as much on podcasts, but I know looking at the stats about the same number of people download a podcast as visit an article page.

      I guess the difference is that you listen to it later, rather than say scan and read the article immediately, so you don’t have that connection from consuming content to commenting on it all in the one session.

  • Olga

    Thanks for another interesting podcast and sharing another inspiring entrepreneur journey!

    Here are my two cents, in my opinion 🙂 :

    1) Re “core vs mechanics”: I think the word “core” is someone misleading. There are lots of things to a business that are definitely “core” to the business but nevertheless the kind of things that can be outsourced. I liked Yaro’s focus instead on “creative output.” I would add to this that it is the “person-specific” creative output. E.g., in Yaro’s case or in Rich Schefren’s case: they have their brands, their own expertise, experience etc, their own following etc. And there are some “person-specific,” as I would call it, output that only they can create. In contrast, there are lots of other things that can be totally core to the business but it is not person-specific and can be done by someone else.

    2) Another big component to this, as I see it, is getting “more mileage” out of things. It’s not the issue of core vs mechanics. It is the issue of getting more mileage out of the creative output that is already there or will be there. E.g., in Yaro’s case: he has loads of podcasts, written material etc. So the question becomes: how can he generate more mileage (and money) out of all the creative output that he has generated and is generating.

    3) I love your podcasts, Yaro! One of the things I really like is that you “lead.” You know, it’s a like a dance, the man leads. And you lead in your interviews. You keep things on track but you also structure the interview. You also pause to summarize key points. So there is a structure and key messages become clear. You also have a great way of speaking: excellent pace (not too fast, not too slow), no accent (maybe there is, but it sounds to me very neutral for an international audience), and overall this pleasant, relaxed, positive way. Seriously, listening to you is like music to the ears. 🙂

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, in this interview Pete totally took over and you let him do it. Obviously he has tons of great things to share. But: he talks without structure. You, Yaro, tried to pause, tried to summarize key points, tried to bring a structure to it (such as the business model of sales and marketing, then the core vs mechanics, etc). But only to be overtaken and overrun by Pete again. Plus, Pete talks way too fast – way, way too fast (for a trainer), and combine this with a quite heavy accent (for non-Aussies, it is an accent). At parts, I couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

    4) Re Profit Hacks etc: I tried to read Rich Schefren’s “Profit Prophesy” book. In fact, I tried to read it several times over the course of several days. But I just couldn’t. I am sure it has loads of wisdom in it, as Rich is a highly successful guru of the gurus. But the way the book is written – pleeeeease. I wonder if I am the only one who thinks that it is written in a totally spammy way. Some years ago they used to send in the mail (at least in the US) all this spam direct marketing letters trying to sell something. And this is the spammy style in which Rich’s book is written. I am sure Rich will eventually promote some course or some sort of a very expensive product. But the spammy way the book is written would be precisely the reason why I wouldn’t bother to even look into any of those products, despite my high respect and regard for Mr. Schefren.

    5) It was very interesting to listen to the portion of the interview where Pete talks about the sales and marketing part of his entrepreneurial portfolio. With that said, I think he painted too rosy of a picture. It really depends. One thing is when the sales and marketing consists of just the internet presence and marketing. But it becomes a different story when the “sales and marketing” also involves being the middle person between the client and provider (contractor etc), which actually seemed like Pete was involved in to some extent. I have some friends who in this line of business. E.g., someone I know operates an internet based rental business, so that people who own condominiums place them into his program. He then markets them via internet, with a completely automated reservation and payment system, etc. But he also has contractors on the ground to handle the keys, cleaning etc. On the other hand, it really depends. I actually for some months thought of getting a side business like this, for apartment renovations. With the way I planned to do it, it can be very lucrative and really not that much time involvement on my part. But then just the prospect of being “squeezed” between clients and the contractors doing the renovations should any problems, real or imaginary, arise, which of course they will – somehow stopped me, even though I have one of those “problem solver” personalities. But listening to Pete’s interview got me thinking again and that perhaps I should give it a try.

    • It’s funny how you mention Pete speaks to fast – and he does for a lot of people, he has said so himself. I actually listen to him on audio sometimes at 2x the speed, now that is fast! I guess being used to the aussie accent makes it easier for me.

      This was a difficult interview to do on some levels because Pete has so many layers to what he does. I wanted to get both his background story out and lead into profithacks content as well, which I think I managed to cover.

      Thanks for your kind words about my interview style and voice Olga, I appreciate it. Feedback like yours is why I keep doing interviews.

      Have you read Rich Schefren’s internet business manifesto before? I’m curious if that one was too spammy for you or not?

  • Rick Resch

    Hey Yaro,
    I’ve been looking for books that have a high value and are very practical because I’ve seen that there is sometimes just one or two books, etc. that an entrepreneur reads that changes their perspective and launches them in the direction they want to go in. Like with Pete Williams it was the, “One Minute Millionaire.” I’m presently reading, “Good to Great” by Jim Collins that Gideon Shalwick recommended in Rapid Video Blogger and plan on reading, “Your Life, Your Legacy” by Roger Hamilton. I want to know what the best of the best know to assist me in my aspirations. Another thing that I’ve learned is from Robert Kiyosaki is: Sales=Income. I’ve read all of his RichDad and PoorDad books that I know of. Some of the most basic and simple concepts are the most powerful like: Core vs Mechanics. Knowledge is like a pyramid where the building blocks, that are at the bottom and the largest, are the most important. The least important knowledge is at the top and the blocks of data is less significant. It reminds me of the Pyramids of Egypt and the way they were created. That is a good analogy. I hope to learn more from Pete Williams and you. Looking forward to the next podcast.

    • Books really are great Rick. I get inspiration from them, as well as practical ideas and even therapy. You’ve named some great ones in your post, I also recommend picking up something about the 80/20 Rule if you can as well.

      • Rick Resch

        Yaro, do you recommend any book specifically on the 80/20 Rule because I want to get a book that you have read since I think you have a better idea what to read. I would listen to your recommendation more because of the results you’ve produced with your business. Another thing, I suggest you post maybe some books you’ve read to tell people since you have such an influence on your blog community because of your reputation and their respect. You could link a button back to Amazon and make some money from your recommendations. That’s just an idea I have for you. I usually check out the books I’m interested in from the library and if they are good enough, I buy them. People are always trying to learn new things, but can’t distinguish from the good stuff from the great stuff. I want the best because I want the greatest results. Think smarter, not work harder. There is so much unless crap and information to wade through and if someone can distill it down to the most important, then it reduces work. The most successful Internet Marketers and Bloggers simply have a better understanding how to make money. I’m finding this out in the book, “Good to Great.” Well, that’s all for now. Take care and top of the day to you!

  • Hi Yaro,

    When I started doing internet marketing research, your blog are one of the blogs that I often visit. In fact, I tried to imitate the looks of your blog way back 2009 and read your Blog Profits Blueprint eBook twice.

    Honestly, I ignored your email about this podcast interview with Pete Williams because I don’t know this guy, until I watched the video of Noble Samurai’s latest blog post that also talked about Pete Williams and it grabs my attention as this guy is making trends all over the internet.

    And then I came back to your blog again to listen and download this podcast interview. Thank you very much for conducting this great effort.

    – Felix

    • You are welcome Felix. I’m glad to hear that my writing and interviews have inspired you to take action and build your own online presence. Keep up the good work!


  • First time visiter to your blog. Thank you for the very intriguing article. The concept of Profit Hacks sounds really great. I will check it out. I especially love inspiring stories. It would make a great movie!

    • I’m not sure it would make that great a movie Elaine, it needs more character develop and less business I think for that 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,
    I’ve been silently following your blog some time and your content is immensible for me-8 hope to become a successful entrepreneur in the near feature.

    I haven’t watched Pete’s presentation, but I get the gist of it from a few of your posts. I like the automation aspect, but there are a few set backs to this. For people like myself who don’t have any set-up money or a team behind us, would this be unfeasible or even nearly impossible? And when we get to the point of just maKing a few recordings and have an assistant do everything else, don’t we lose the experience and even become a tad unauthentic? How will I know which post is actually written by you or a virtual assistant in the future? And it’s you we want to hear from (at least it’s the case foor me). Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Thoa,

      You are right in that getting started is the hardest part because you need a means to leverage the content you are having created. As I wrote about in my previous post about productivity and prioritization, you need to do this in the right order.

      In your case if you are getting started then you need to focus on coming up with a cash flow source – something that makes you money. That might just be a blog to an email list where you sell a few affiliate products to begin with. All your outsourcing should thus focus on getting the blog and email list going.

      The outsourcing part doesn’t need to cost a bundle. I’d start by hiring a tech person to help with the setting up and design of the blog. $250 part time or $500 full time for someone overseas can be your first investment. If you don’t have that kind of money available, then keep working a part time job to help fund the start of your business, and then grow from there.

      As for the authenticity of content – remember I am still doing the creative work of writing the article or recording the podcast. What happens after that is my content gets made into different media and placed all over the web, the source is still me so the words don’t change, just how you consume them becomes different, or really you just get new options for the same thing (article becomes audio becomes slide show video, etc).

      The hardest part, which I am working on right now, is getting quality people – a-players – who actually make your work better and understand what you are trying to achieve. That is really the biggest hurdle to overcome. Find the a-players and this process can be an absolute joy.

      • Hi Yaro,

        Thank you for your clarification.

        I had the chance to listen to Pete’s live presentation and I was blown away. I understand why you recommend him now.
        I mistaken this whole “hack” thing as unauthentic, but it’s actually just about working smarter, not harder.

        Thank you so much for guiding me in this direction! Love your blog!

  • Pete is one of those self made internet gurus i listen to. Good and inspiring interview here Yaro.

  • Dear Pete Williams,

    I loved your profit hacks videos. Unfortunately, I missed the boat on signing up for profit hacks. I have a mission – and, it’s to educate the public about psychotherapy & careers. I’ve written a published numerous articles but I’d like help expanding into multiple platforms.

    My primary goal is to set up a system where I can outsource that part.

    I LOVE my work (as a psychologist, psychoanalyst), so I am looking to streamline the writing. Since I missed the window on profit hacks, can you suggest any alternatives?

    Thanks a million! And, thanks again for the great content.

    Best, Lynn

  • […] Pete Williams launching Profit Hacks, and guys like James Schramko leveraging Filipino help to basically do almost everything, I decided […]

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