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Pete Williams Shares His Entrepreneur Story And How He Came Up With The Truly Effective Outsourcing System Profit Hacks

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Pete Williams is a long time Aussie friend, who lives in Melbourne, and is co-founder of three bricks and mortar businesses, all of which use online marketing to get customers.

Pete’s first big business success was a telecommunications company that sells things like phone systems, which Pete and his partners grew initially without having a physical office space. They found customers online using traditional online marketing tools, then directed them to competitors who delivered the product and service, making a profit margin from the transaction thanks to the low cost of online lead generation.

Eventually, Pete and his partners decided to get into the service delivery as well, which led to opening up an office in Melbourne. Downstairs from the office was a finger food catering business, which they decided to buy. Why? Because they knew how to get leads online, so figured they could apply what they do to a catering business too.

As you can know doubt guess, Pete is fantastic at using the internet to attract customers, whether it’s for online or offline products and services. He believes every business functions on the same principles, regardless of what it sells. It’s all about what the customer wants and knowing how to reach them, which you can easily do thanks to the web.

Pete also happens to be one of the busiest guys I know. He’s got so many plates spinning that I get lost just trying to keep up with him every time we chat.

Whether it’s an iPhone app he is creating with popular author Neil Strauss, or a product launch called Profit Hacks he is conducting with Rich Schefren, he seems to manage so many concurrent projects on top of running three businesses. Oh, and he’s having a baby in a few months too after getting married this year.

Pete Williams Speaking

Outsourcing On Steroids

Of course, Pete is not doing all of this alone. One of the techniques he has become particularly good at is what you might call “outsourcing on steroids“. He can do so many things because, well, he’s not the one doing it all. He only contributes the most important part – the core content or strategy – the rest is executed by his team.

His main philosophy on outsourcing, which is the basis for his new Profit Hacks course with Rich Schefren, is what he calls Core Vs Mechanics. Core is the creative output that you are responsible for, while everything around it – all the mechanical tasks – are completed by other people.

Pete did a great job illustrating his outsourcing system with a quick example that explains how he stays on top of market leadership by leaving comments in forums, except he doesn’t actually do it.

Pete’s outsourcers email him links to a handful of relevant forum posts a day. Pete then replies to the forum posts via audio recording, which is then transcribed, edited and posted to the forums by his assistant. Not only do they do that, but they then go to work creating videos, blog posts, slide presentations, all just from Pete’s audio recording, and spread this content around the web.

It’s actually amazing how powerful what Pete does when you hear him explain it. He literally hacks everything online so he only has to make short bursts of content creation for a few minutes a day. His team does the rest.

Profit Hacks Training

After listening to my interview with Pete, if you are keen to learn more about the Profit Hacks system, make sure you check out the free content from Pete and Rich Schefren.

Pete actually flew from Australia to see Rich at his Strategic Profits offices to teach Rich’s staff how to use Pete’s Profit Hacks techniques. Rich was so impressed, he said he needed to do a course on it.

Enjoy this interview with Pete. His story is inspiring and his techniques are quite eye-opening, yet so simple once you hear them. I know you will have a couple of ah-hah moments while listening to this one.

Enjoy the episode,

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