From College Baseball Professional, To Facebook Advertising Expert, Brian Moran Shares How He Made A Million In His First Full Time Year Online

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Brian Moran is an all American college baseball player who just happened to get really good at selling using Facebook ads.

How good? He made over a million dollars in sales in his first year of full-time business. Not a bad start.

Brian graduated college into one of the worst employment markets in US history in 2008. He managed to scramble together work and eventually found himself in a well-paying job, at least compared to his peers at the time (he was making 60K a year).

He didn’t like his job and when he stumbled across an ad from Sterling and Jay (the Internet Business Mastery guys) about how to make money selling information online, he jumped at the chance.

His first business was baseball, which he grew at night while still working his full-time job. Facebook marketing became his main source of traffic and he started making a few thousand dollars a month selling baseball training products.

One day he met a guy also in the baseball training market who suggested he start teaching his Facebook techniques. Brian launched his new business and it quickly surpassed his baseball business.

Brian eventually quit his job and now generates over $100,000 a month thanks to his businesses, which are primarily driven by Facebook traffic.

If you want to learn how Brian generates leads from Facebook and how you can too, and also be inspired by another person who was able to start his business while working a full-time job, this is the interview to listen to.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you listen to about half way through the interview where I ask Brian to break down why he is so good at using Facebook ads and how you can use Facebook too, a completely new source of traffic.

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  • $100.000 a month ? Hope will reach this amount one day.

  • Great interview! Good tips there!

  • Facebook is a great source of business leads given the amount of user activity that take place in the site everyday. It would be helpful for site owners to learn to attract leads from social networking sites.

  • My first business podcast was Internet Business Mastery. I listened to all of their podcast in one month and it overflowed me with enthusiasm.

    After listening to Brian story, it became one more of hundreds of similar stories that I have heard so far. Person discover internet marketing. Person works like mad men. Person becomes a great success.

    I am trying to balance blogging with my real job (which I love as well). Now I go to bed dreaming about new tango steps in the left side of my brain and how to do a better blog on the right side of my brain.

    I am so confident that one day I will be both, a great tango dancer and a great blogger.

    Thank you Yaro, for all this inspirational podcast.

  • Wow really? $100,000 a month? That’s really great!! Facebook really has changed the way internet ads work 😛

  • Useful post. Looks like our guy really put a lot of work in his project. Good advice about starting your own fanpage on facebook. Making a good sales letter seems to be tricky. Patience and passion are once and again the motivators for making your blog and attached business successful.

    Thanks for this post, Hans

  • he’s a rich guy, for me I don’t have capital even to test with the facebook ads lol!

  • Over a million dollars in a year? Are you kidding me? I think I should leave my baseball blogging and start working on Facebook. Hopefully I will make it one day.

    Best of luck to you @Samir. Thank you Starak for sharing this inspiring story.

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