What To Do When You Feel Trapped By Your Business From An Entrepreneur Who Escaped: Barnaby Andersun

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This is an interview for anyone who has found themselves in a situation where their business is a trap. You want to leave but you can’t because without you the business doesn’t work, the staff depend on you and you’re so invested in it, you can’t even imagine how to quit.

Barnaby Andersun found himself in a situation much like this. Although he enjoyed his business to begin with, after more than ten years running it, he really wanted to move on, but figuring out how to do so was a challenge.

In this interview, you will hear how Barnaby missed out on many amazing opportunities during the first dot com rush, then eventually learned that he needed leverage to become really successful and grow a business beyond just himself. This lead to hiring employees, which helped him build a bigger business, but also led to more responsibilities and more stress.

Barnaby did find a way out, which he talks about during this interview. Today he is a fresh entrepreneur, working on several different projects, including a green project crowdsourcing platform called The Green Crowd, and an innovative brand research service called Brand Aloud.

If you are currently running a business, feel trapped and want to leave, or you are still a one person show and want to hear how someone went from solo-preneur and managed the growth jump to a small company with a team of 12, Barnaby is a man to listen to.

Barnaby also told me he was happy to reply to any questions you may have as comments in reply to this blog post, so please do not be shy!

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  • I think that taking the leap from being self-employed to having a business that runs without you is a very big step to take and perhaps not even that possible. Perhaps it is more of a dream.

    The founder of a business always has a better chance to run the business well than someone who steps in after him.

    I think that no matter how big your company gets, you will always need to be involved in one capacity or another.

  • Have met many people in the same boat – just got bigger – and all the sudden the business they started just was not fun anymore-that’s when its time to get out or hire someone else with the day to day, so you can spend more time on the parts that mean more to you. Have a great day on purpose!

  • I can not tell you how long I have invested in my business. It has been over 3 years that I have owned multiple health blogs with only minor success. However, I have gotten better and more experienced in that time frame, and continue to work hard for the day I succeed once and for all.

  • I started up my own business to become a small entrepreneur but still have not stated success.Anyway its only 2 months old.Need help from you how to drive more traffic to my site..

  • because of the nature of how the internet space works, we are constantly exposed to successful online entrepreneurs. what many don’t realize is that there are exponentially more failures for every success.

    in addition, not every entrepreneur is happy. many (I am tempted to say most) are miserable (coming from a first hand perspective based on experience). that said, there is certainly a lot of good to be said for entrepreneurship in general.

    in my opinion, the key is striking a balance between what we do for a living and the type of life we want to live. happiness and contentment should be the ultimate goal (while balancing the need to survive – make a living).

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