After ending his marriage, Chris Ducker packed his bags and moved to the Philippines for a fresh start. A few short years later he has married again with a new family and a successful business with over 300 employees.

Next Chris began the process of removing himself from his business, slowly relinquishing control of different roles until he was completely free. The company continues to grow and deliver service to their customers, while Chris explores new entrepreneurial projects, including a blog where he teaches others how to become a “virtual CEO”.

In this interview, Chris breaks down his entire background story, including how he came to the Philippines, started a telemarketing outsourcing company and grew it by hiring new staff just as he sold services to customers in other countries.

Chris also explains how he was able to slowly remove himself from his business, hiring key staff to perform roles he used to do, to the point where he was no longer needed.

After you listen to the interview, you can check out the website Chris currently runs.

Chris Ducker Virtual Staff Finder

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