How To Fire Yourself: Chris Ducker Reveals How He Removed Himself From His 300 Employee Company

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After ending his marriage, Chris Ducker packed his bags and moved to the Philippines for a fresh start. A few short years later he has married again with a new family and a successful business with over 300 employees.

Next Chris began the process of removing himself from his business, slowly relinquishing control of different roles until he was completely free. The company continues to grow and deliver service to their customers, while Chris explores new entrepreneurial projects, including a blog where he teaches others how to become a “virtual CEO”.

In this interview, Chris breaks down his entire background story, including how he came to the Philippines, started a telemarketing outsourcing company and grew it by hiring new staff just as he sold services to customers in other countries.

Chris also explains how he was able to slowly remove himself from his business, hiring key staff to perform roles he used to do, to the point where he was no longer needed.

After you listen to the interview, you can check out the website Chris currently runs.

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  • Jon

    I use to listen to Chris’s podcast, then I think he stopped making them or I stopped getting them (one or the other) and I lost contact… nice to see him back in the limelight. I was undergoing a similar process but in my case, I wanted to run a virtual company with almost 100% automation leaving me to travel around as I wanted. I got to live in some very interesting places in Asia as a result… including the Philippines!

    I’m downloading the MP3 though I wish Yaro, you would put back the web audio player you had a while back for interviews… was very easy to use, click to play, click to pause!

    Founder of

    • Hey Jon, do you mean the audio player I had at the bottom of the site?

      There is a flash player that you click to play – it’s the arrow above, is that not good enough?

      • How do I look the podcasts up in iTunes? I’m a little ‘newbie’ when it comes to itunes.

  • These recent podcasts haven’t showed up in your iTunes podcast feed. Would prefer listening to these on the go.

    • My podcast needs a complete overhaul – iTunes seems to think I am a lifestyle and entertainment show too. Will be working on that and hopefully make sure every podcast appears in the right category in iTunes.

  • Thanks for posting this- it’s really valuable to get inside the head of someone who is able to un-take control of his business so that he’s free.

    When I was running my own offline business I just couldn’t get that figured out so I eventually just sold the business to start my online business.

  • How do I look the podcasts up in iTunes? I’m a little ‘newbie’ when it comes to itunes.

  • Good podcast and some actionable steps (60 Minutes is good for the train journey home!).

    Yaro, I would rephrase the first line to ” After his marriage ended”. The one there now looks like Chris wanted his marriage to end, unless of course he really did 🙂

  • Spelling mistake Yaro!
    It is www[dot]outsourcetothephilippines[dot]com/ not phillipines

  • I sold a business becuase i count not unwind myself from it. I could not figure it out. As I look to take my self out of the picture of my current business, this was helpfull. I thought i would have to sell again. I will let you know how it works out.

  • I thought I was cool with my 2-3 employees =(

  • I love these inspiring podcasts. Really stretches ones mind to see success on larger scales. Thanks for it. Much appreciated.

  • So inspiring!

  • IRA

    I cannot play the audio? Any fix for this?


    • Have you tried downloading the MP3 to listen to it that way?

      • IRA

        Thanks.. I never saw the Mp3 download file.. Gonna download it now..

        Sorry for my question..


  • Seems like the Philippines is a really reliable source of outsourced talent right now. I wonder how it’s helping the economy there.

    • Outsourcing is the best in India. Cheap and very good quality work. That’s why more and more companies from USA are targeting India…..Philippines comes next..

  • Is it just me, or does Chris sound a little like Liam Neeson? 🙂

    Great podcast Yaro, glad to see you’re back actively creating them. And thanks to you Chris ( / Liam) for being so open about your business. It’s been great following you for the last few years.

  • I simply love success stories that come from experienced people. they have the credibility and something to show for!

  • Interesting read, going all the way there must have been exciting!

  • I congratulate you Chris. I have worked tirelessly all my life and I am so glad I left to join the fine dining & restaurant industry, and its reassuring to know theres other people out there who have done the same.

    Good luck with the future!

  • Thanks, it’s hard to pull the trigger and make a change.

  • The audio isn’t working for me either. I use Internet Explorer 6 on netscape

  • I can’t hear the audio either, which is a pity because it sounds like a great story.

  • Mike Smith

    Excellent podcast series.

    I download the mp3’s directly to my player.

    Would you be able to add full mp3 tag information to your podcasts as well as a podcast/show/episode number to each podcast? At the moment I see the name of the person you are interviewing, and it is not always easy to see what the latest podcast is.

    Keep up the good work.

    • My podcast is due for a bit of an overhaul Mike – need to get a better system for categorising and getting into itunes properly, so look for changes soon.

  • Jose Valerio


    Any way to subscribe to your podcasts? A separate RSS feed for podcasts?

    I subscribe to your blog, but not easy to tell if you have a new podcast.


  • Thanks.. I never saw the Mp3 download file.. Gonna download it now..

    Sorry for my question..


  • These recent podcasts haven’t showed up in your iTunes podcast feed. Would prefer listening to these on the go.

  • I am having trouble with the audio. There another link/fix?

  • Never went to Philippines but, what I saw and experienced in Asia was something that changed me and got me open my mind wide at the world that surrounds me.
    You have a great story there, and I believe that Philippines changed you at least a bit like Cambodgia changed me. I wish you the best of luck in life and your business.

  • I think that doing business in new-development countries for manufacturing, client service, etc is the best choice, but such countries like US and Europe should focus on innovation develpment and security. I like this podcast, because I like such stories and it gives me inspiration to carry on with my business (but I dont want to leave my wife) and reach new goals. Good job!

  • My first business I started, required my involvement and without it, it didn’t function. I couldn’t even go on holidays. Now and for the past few years, I focus on a model that functions with or without me just as effectively, it is the only way. Great story.

  • My first business I started revolved around me to the point if I wasn’t there, it didn’t function. That is just as good as having a job! Now I have a business that functions with or without me. It is the only way to set up a business and if you don’t have that in your business, you are not a business owner you are merely self employed.

  • Wow Chris has it going great. IMO once you have successfully delegated your tasks to your employees you have done yourself a huge favor. With the free time on your hand you can concentrate on other ventures while your company performs at the same productivity while even and sometimes even more!

    Great job on complete interview, it is great for new and experienced entrepreneurs alike looking to ‘fire themselves from their jobs’ 😉

  • Very interesting! It’s the first time I listen to your podcast. Will be listening to more for sure.
    I agree you should correct the spelling mistake in the “outsource to the philippines” link 🙂

  • I’d like to fire myself.

  • I think that’s exacly the point of being succesful. Why would you spend the rest of your life working? Isn’t enjoying yourself the purpose of getting rich?

  • This really helps me put this in perspective. Chris is living the dream.

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